Unlock 20% Off With Ekster’s Limited-Time Summer Sale

Unlock 20% Off With Ekster’s Limited-Time Summer Sale

In today's world of streamlined innovations and convenient tech, the overstuffed, out-of-style, easy-to-lose ‘Dad’ wallets of yesterday don't make anyone's life easier.

Nowadays, many people have adopted paperless payment methods like Apple Pay or Cash App, so they rarely carry cash.

But wait, before you give up on wallets altogether, let us introduce you to Ekster – an Amsterdam-based start-up and their ingenious line of premium smart wallets.

What Is Ekster?

Ekster is a brand that's revolutionizing the way men and women carry their essentials. They use high-quality materials, streamlined design, and innovative tech to ensure you have one less thing to worry about.

Ekster is best known for their trackable wallets, cardholders, phone cases, money clips, and key holders. Some key products to keep your eye on are:

  • Parliament Wallet - Made with premium leather, this smart wallet is the perfect sleek, money-holding solution you've been looking for.
  • Senate Cardholder - This elegant cardholder is perfect for those moving away from cash. Also made with premium leather.
  • Aluminum Cardholder - Ditch cash for good and elevate your style with the Aluminum card holder. Ekster's slimmest wallet yet!

Editor’s Note: Misplacing your wallet is no fun. Many of us have left our wallets behind, never to see them again. And then there’s the annoying process of ordering new debit cards, licenses, IDs, and insurance cards.

Luckily, Ekster offers a solar-powered wallet tracker card that fits right into their wallets without sacrificing card space. Just say, “Siri, call my wallet,” and voilà! There it is between those pesky sofa cushions – thanks to its Bluetooth compatibility.

What’s The Sale?

Ekster’s currently giving away a FREE TOOL CARD with orders $125 and above! plus an additional 20% off sitewide.

Bonus: Each wallet has RFID technology to protect against skimming and scanning. None of your important info is at risk when you go with Ekster.

Our Verdict

Ekster's exquisite line of smart wallets starts at $72 and can help you streamline your life without worrying about losing track of your things or compromising your data.

These products are made to last. The leather wallets use sustainably sourced, premium leather, so it ages amazingly. Over time it softens and bends with your everyday use while still maintaining its signature two-tone color.

With its compact size, quick card access mechanism, RFID protection, and timeless sophistication, Ekster will level up your look. So don’t miss out on your chance to get 20% off site-wide! Check them out today.

NEW OFFER: Shop Ekster's Summer Sale to get 20% OFF Sitewide on ALL EKSTER PRODUCTS and a FREE TOOL CARD on orders above $125!

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