Two Moms, Two Opinions About Nurture Life’s Kids Meal Subscription

Two Moms, Two Opinions About Nurture Life’s Kids Meal Subscription

Feeding babies, toddlers, and kids is no easy task. It's a constant struggle to balance nutrition with picky preferences. The result? A kitchen that looks like a war zone. Not to mention that a mom's schedule is already crazy enough, so meal planning and grocery shopping often take the backseat.

But can a kids meal subscription service like Nurture Life be the hassle-free solution to serving fresh, nutritious meals as they develop and grow? Two real moms tested the service.

Whether you're a brand new mom transitioning to solids or a busy mom feeding four kids of different ages, read on for our in-depth Nurture Life review, or skip to:

What is Nurture Life?

Nurture Life is a meal delivery service that provides healthy, nutritious, preservative-free, and ready-to-eat meals for babies, toddlers, kids, and families. Their meals are carefully curated by expert chefs and dieticians with the freshest ingredients (never frozen) that cater to a variety of age groups and dietary needs. The company aims to make mealtime easier for busy parents while ensuring children receive wholesome and developmentally appropriate meals.

How does Nurture Life work?

You start by selecting a plan size (6 to 16+ items per week) and choosing meals and snacks from their menus page. And voilà! You get all meals ready to heat-n-eat delivered straight to the door — zero planning, shopping, chopping, or prep needed.

The deliveries are recurring, but you can skip weeks, pause, or opt out at any time. And when you discover how Nurture Life streamlines your life, you can always upgrade your plan.

The best part? Nurture Life offers new customers 50% OFF WEEK 1 + FREE SHIPPING!

Nurture Life Review by Alison, a new mom

As a new mom, I found my baby’s transition to solids overwhelming. Breastfeeding was a breeze, but now I have to shop for groceries and cook. And who has the time to research which foods are safe to feed my little girl.

There are so many rules and tons of contrasting opinions regarding purees and finger foods… Every mealtime felt like a battle, with my baby girl often refusing the bland purees I managed to whip up in a hurry.

Nurture Life makes it so easy. For my first week, I went for the Oaties (with 0 added sugar) — such a yummy breakfast. And she loves Finger Foods like Lil' Carbonara with Hidden Cauli & Peas and the Spaghetti Bites with Meatballs & Broccoli.

To my surprise, my 10-month-old loves Nurture Life meals (and so do I). She has so much fun picking up the perfectly bite-sized, choke-proof pieces with her fingers. This convenient and flexible subscription has completely removed mealtime stress.

Nurture Life Review by Layla, the busy mom

With my crazy-busy job, I usually cave and order takeout or stick to frozen foods to feed my four hungry kids (ages four, six, nine, and eleven). Besides the guilt about not feeding them preservative-packed frozen meals, takeout is hard beyond my budget! But cooking is just not possible at this stage in my mom-life. I have no time to plan and shop for all the ingredients. And, honestly, I’m a newbie in the kitchen.

For some reason, I thought subscribing to a meal delivery subscription service would be outrageously expensive. But comparing Nurture Life to takeout, I realize it's actually so much cheaper for way more nutritious meals. My kids couldn't get enough of the Super Slider with Broccoli and Potato Wedges, and the Chicken Spaetzle is a highlight.

Thanks to Nurture Life, they’re constantly introduced to so many new foods they've never eaten before, like tasty Beef Taco Pockets or Pancake Puffs. And their Super Smoothies — made with whole fruits, veggies, and superfoods with no added sugar — are simply terrific. My kids are obsessed — and so am I.

Is Nurture Life worth it?


Meal planning, grocery shopping, and chopping food into bite-sized pieces wasted so much time. Now, I let Nurture Life handle all that so I can spend more time playing with my little one. So yes, if you want to feed your child nutritious meals while saving precious time,Nurture Lifeis completely worth it.


I don't miss the what's-for-lunch-and-dinner-stress at all. Having four kids is stressful enough, so I'm happy Nurture Life ensures my kids get delicious meals bursting with all the essential nutrients they need for healthy development.

I no longer feel guilty about occasionally feeding them frozen pizzas or chicken wings. Even though I initially found Nurture Life prices a bit pricey, $5.99 per item is totally acceptable considering the quality and convenience they offer.