5 Bad Habits To Finally Quit in 2019

5 Bad Habits To Finally Quit in 2019

If you're anything like me, you definitely have a bad habit---or two---or three. But since it's the new year, I think it's finally time to change my ways. All my past excuses come down to one simple hurdle to overcome: I'm scared. I'm scared of starting something new and having it not work out. I'm scared that I'll have to drastically change up my routine and give up the parts I like. And I'm scared I'll fail, although I think everyone who is embarking on a new lifestyle has that same fear. It's time for me to stop thinking about failure and start making a change. Here are five habits I'm ready to quit in the new year, and you should, too:

1. Nail-biting

I can't remember the last time I looked down and thought "wow my nails are long." This habit stems from nerves, so I'll be practicing a form of mindfulness to find peace in the mind-wandering moments, which are typically when I bite my nails.You can also try knitting or nail polish to avoid nail destruction. Men can try clear matte nail polish for an invisible shield.

2. Overspending Money

Now that the year's up, I'm looking back on my financial purchases of 2018, and I might've spent enough money at coffee shops to buy my own espresso machine. I started keeping a tally and realized I bought 25 coffees in just one month—that's 125 dollars. I could have saved myself financial stress, and let me tell you, the stress that's ensued is seriously no joke. It can lead to headaches, weight gain and serious health consequences. This year, I'll be making a monthly budget and only allowing myself to indulge in coffee every once in awhile.

3. Saying "I'll Go to the Gym Tomorrow"

Exercising is intimidating! Even the actions of changing, getting into the car and driving to the gym can seem too tiring after a long day. I'm breaking this huge task down into smaller ones. I'm not going to dread spending hours at the gym anymore; I'll be switching to easy exercises I can do at home. You can start exercising, too, with these easy exercises you can do in your chair. If you want toned legs but hate running, or just hate exercise in general, there's an exercise plan for you.

4. Overeating

When I indulge in unhealthy foods, I find myself going back for not just seconds, but often thirds! And it never fails that I always find myself hungry even an hour after. I'm sick of eating terrible foods and not having any energy, so I signed up for Nutrisystem. The meal plan is so easy, and they provide me with delicious, pre-portioned meals (six a day!) to sustain me and help me lose weight in a safe and healthy way. I'm still able to eat all my favorite foods, like Margherita Pizza, Artichoke & Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast, and rich and delicious Chocolate Cupcakes, all while losing weight.

5. Procrastinating

It's time to start doing what scares you. If there's an idea for a story that's always been nagging at you, a promotion you're dreaming about, or a dress in the back of your closet you're longing to fit into again, now's the perfect time for setting goals. I did with a little help from Nutrisystem.

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