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Have Your Trendiest NFL Sunday Yet

Have Your Trendiest NFL Sunday Yet

Growing up, I loved watching football with my family on Sundays. It’s a rite of passage — having all of your family and friends over to watch a bunch of men in helmets throw themselves at a ball for three hours or so. Good, clean, American fun.

I’m an only child, and my dad’s been coaching football my whole life. So, as you can imagine, I had no choice but to learn the game. I always envisioned myself as Madison Pettis in The Game Plan: wholeheartedly involved in a football team because of my father.

And I was! I helped out the high school football team that my father was coaching, I attended game after game, and I even know what a Defensive Back is. As a girly girl to my core, this is my most shocking trait.

It helps that my best friend is also a devout football fan — sporting a New York Giants tattoo proudly on her ankle. But I’m fully aware that not every girl is a football fan.

My other friend was lamenting recently that she is sad about football season because her boyfriend will spend all day watching the games on Sunday now. My advice, dear reader? Get into the games!

I enacted a fantasy league for all the girls in my group for this very reason: it makes you start to care about every dumb football game. That’s right, even those pesky Thursday night games will seem meaningful if you simply find a way to make it fun.

PRO GIRL TIP: draft your players by attractiveness or stylishness. That way no one has to know the game and you can have fun! Naturally, I used my first-round pick on Joe Burrow.

There are plenty of ways to make football feel a bit less like torture. Try throwing game parties, or going out to the bars with your friends. Then, you’ll remember why everyone loves Sundays.

But there’s one constant struggle as a woman, the age-old question: what can I wear to support my team that isn’t a basic jersey? Sure, the jersey is cute and classic…but literally everyone will be wearing that.

My friends and I were scouring Etsy for fan-made gear because apparently there is zero market for anything new and unique. We all had the same issue: no one makes cute Philadelphia Eagles (or any team for that matter) apparel.

It shouldn’t be so hard to find trendy NFL shirts, but it is. I mean, I know the NFL is a male-dominated industry, but we can definitely do better with stylish women’s clothing for the football season.

If you’re short on time, I’d recommend going with the most classic: just wear your team’s colors. Just because it isn’t emblazoned with the logo doesn’t mean you can’t still look like a fan. Then, if you’re at the game, just buy a hat to throw on and you’re good to go!

But why isn’t there a bigger market for tailgate-style clothing that isn’t for college football? But don’t be alarmed, more and more brands are debuting NFL collections for the fashion-forward. If you’re looking for team gear but you don’t want to look like everyone else on gameday, then here are my favorite NFL outfits for women that are actually cute:

New Era

New Era NFL Tech

New Era

New Era isn't just for hats and caps...but they are the leading sportswear brand. Their new collection has something for everyone, and isn't just your old jersey.

Abercrombie x NFL 

@danaarose Exploring the new city in my @abercrombie NFL tee #abercrombiepartner #ad ♬ original sound - Dana

Marketed towards men, don't be scared. This NFL collection plays on the retro, oversized look that is all the rage right now. Super cute, and one of the only NFL collections I can find that I don't hate!

Mitchell & Ness

Some of the trendiest NFL gear on the market comes from Philly's finest: Mitchell & Ness. Bomber jackets, cute baseball jersey-style football tops, and more will get you the MVF (Most Valuable Fashionista) this season.

Tiffany x NFL 

Not in our price range, but worth the honorable mention.

@tiffanyandco As the maker of the most revered symbols of athletic achievement for over a century, Tiffany & Co. stands at the center of American sports history. Today, we honor that legacy with limited-edition Tiffany & Co. x NFL® x Mitchell & Ness football jerseys. #TiffanyTrophies #MitchellAndNess #TiffanyAndCo ♬ original sound - Tiffany&Co.

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