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Why We Hate These Products

Why We Hate These Products

Picture this: it’s 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic is raging, and you’re on day 20 of lockdown. Things are looking quite bleak. You can’t leave your house, and you realize you haven’t spent this much time with your parents in years.

Enter TikTok. There’s no better time for a glorified Vine app to develop than when people are vulnerable to a global pandemic. Suddenly, you’re spending those empty hours scrolling through video after video learning how to make bread, contemplating DIY projects, and watching people dance to the song “Glitter” by Benee. Simpler times.

Since then, TikTok has been the catalyst for thousands of successful careers. Think Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion, Alix Earle, and more. Whether you want to show off your makeup routine, talk about a cleaning product you love, or post your cover of your favorite song, there’s an audience for anything.

That’s what’s made the app so lucrative. The platform is filled with free (and sponsored) ads—a marketing hack.

One TikTok trend I’ve loved is “Why I Hate These Products.” In these videos, beauty lovers share products they hate because they work so well. For example, I hate Sol De Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream because it smells so good and is long-lasting. I hate L’Oreal Telescopic because it gives me false lashes without all the work.

If you’re looking for a few products that you hate to love, our editors have spent thousands of dollars on products to find our go-to's. Call us anthropologists, but we like to test out the trending products so we know what’s a scam and what you’ll get obsessed with.

Here are our recs for products you’re going to love so much, you hate them.

JP: Youth To The People Superfoods Cleanser

I don’t know why I resisted trying YTTP for so long. But finally, after taking my dermatologist’s recommendation, I can now see the hype behind the heavily awarded cleanser. Not only does it help me control oil, but it leaves my pores feeling clear and tight without stripping my skin of moisture. Hate that I didn’t try it earlier.

LKC: Wonder Valley Oil Cleanser

If you know makeup wipes are bad for your skin but can’t find anything else that works, I’ve been there. I thought I’d be shamefully using makeup wipes forever until I discovered oil cleansing to remove makeup. I’ve tried different cleansing balms and oils, but this one is the winner by far for gently removing makeup and sunscreen without stripping my skin. I hate that it added an extra step to my routine that I can’t live without.

JP: Patrick Ta Glow Balm

I’ve never been able to use bronze body oil without it transferring onto my clothes or rubbing off onto my seat. This Patrick Ta Glow Balm gives me a full-body bronzy glow without all the mess. I use a kabuki brush and glide over spots that the sun hits - instant runway-ready sheen.

LKC: Glossier Boy Brow

I hate that this staple was also high-school me’s favorite makeup product. I like to think I’m unrecognizable. But one thing that will never change: is my love for this classic brow gel.

JP: ColorWow Money Mask

The mask literally says “for glossy, expensive-looking hair” and it delivers just that. If you want hair that’s sleek, no-frizz, and emphasizes your color – you’ll hate how much you love this mask.

LKC: Blue Lagoon Detox Mask

Speaking of masks, my go-to detox mask used to be the classic bentonite clay one mixed with ACV. I shudder to think what that was doing to my skin barrier. Now, I use this gentle but effective mask to get the same results without ruining my skin health. I hate that it makes me want to travel to Iceland to try the benefits of the blue lagoon myself.

JP: Makeup For Ever Foundation

I can try a million, trillion foundations and I’ll always come back to this one. I hate how I keep buying others thinking anything will give me as good of an airbrushed look.

JP: VitaBrid C12 Dual Mask


I didn't want to love a sheet mask as much as I loved Vitabrid's C12 masks. After a long weekend of partying and travel, my skin is screaming for help. There's only one mask I'm reaching for: Vitabrid.

JP: Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron


The Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron is a secret weapon for stars like Ariana Madix and more. If it's good enough for Hollywood, it's good enough for me. This gives my next-day blowout the extra lift I need, without all the effort.

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