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TopResume vs The Muse: Who Won?

Crafting a compelling resume is no easy task. A simple laundry list of your past work experiences may have landed you your first entry-level job, but now you're looking to take it to the next step. However, you have no idea where to begin. What content should you include? Which format should you use? Which keywords should you emphasize?

It's questions like these that transform a simple piece of paper into a black hole of self-doubt. It feels more like an exam than a collection of your greatest achievements. But don't worry...There are plenty of ways to take this weight off your shoulders.

In fact, there are more resume writing services than ever. Whether you're looking to make a career switch or trying to advance in your current field, resume writing services are the easiest way to give your CV a much needed boost. But which resume writing service is the best?

Two of our favorite services are TopResume and The Muse. While TopResume is a tried and true option for crafting your unique career story with a series of text-based collaboration, The Muse offers resume review coaching services. To see who comes out on top, we've weighed the similarities and differences to help you make a decision.

Key Similarities

  • Both are highly interpersonal with great communication
  • Both have a wide network of experts in a range of fields
  • Both services optimize your resume for Applicant Tracking Software
  • Both offer resume review sessions
  • Both services offers edits and rewrites of your resume

Key Differences

  • TopResume boasts a network of 1,500+ writers, while The Muse only has a little more than 80 writers
  • TopResume offers a resume review and update, while The Muse specializes in resume review coaching that may or may not include an update
  • TopResume offers a free rewrite if your resume if you are not receiving twice as many interviews within approximately 20 weeks, while The Muse may offer one or two rounds of edits within a two week time period
  • TopResume allows you to work one-on-one with an expert writer via unlimited text, while The Muse only offers video sessions or phone calls that last for 30, 45, or 60 minutes

TopResume Overview

TopResume is the world's leading resume writing service and for good reason. They offer one-on-one support of professional writers across a myriad of industries to help you create a unique resume that tells your story (no templates needed).

All you have to do is submit your resume for an initial review and you will hear back from your expert writer in a day or two. From there, your specialist will work with you to create a compelling resume with an eye-catching aesthetic and relevant content. Resumes are even optimized for ATS, leveraging specific keywords to help you give your resume the most visibility possible.

Writers are sourced across the United States and have substantial experience in Human Resources, Recruiting, Career Coaching, and job search strategy. They even have a 60-day guarantee that you will receive a free re-write of your resume if you are not receiving twice as many interviews.

Prices are also incredibly affordable with three different packages depending on what you're looking for (with the cheapest service starting at only $179). Ranging from Professional Growth to Career Evolution to Executive Priority, each of these services are guaranteed to give your resume a much-need lift, regardless of what your circumstances may be.

Professional Resume Writing Service
Get More Interviews
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The Muse Overview

The Muse is an all-in-one platform for finding your latest job. However, while the convenience of being able to look for a job and then receive advice on your resume is great, The Muse isn't really a resume review service. Sure, they offer a review, but they only do phone or video sessions that last 30, 45, or 60 minutes. They don't rewrite your resume, but rather offer suggestions on how you can improve it yourself.

While the review session is brief, it is still very interpersonal and coaches always contact you within one day of booking. Depending on which service you choose, you may get one, two, or unlimited rounds of edits within a two week time frame. The Muse offers a massive range of services with prices starting at $119 and going up to $1,699.

Final Notes

While The Muse definitely has some interesting value propositions they aren't a comprehensive resume review service like TopResume. With over 5,000 five-star reviews on Trustpilot and over 400,000 professionals served, not only is TopResume the leading resume writing service, it is the best resume writing service.

Besides the fact that TopResume has hundreds of more writers and excellent reviews, the overall value of the service is superior to The Muse in every way. TopResume only offers three different services that are all incredibly affordable, as opposed to the dozens of confusing services offered by The Muse. Each of these services is very competitive with a guaranteed update and re-write. The most expensive program is only $349 compared to The Muse's $1,699 and can even be paid in monthly installments through Affirm.

Why go through all of the stress of re-writing your resume yourself? Do yourself a favor and have TopResume take care of the dirty work. Just sit back, relax, and watch the interviews start pilling in.

Update: Stop stressing over your resume and hand it over to the experts. Get a professionally written resume today!

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