How I'm Getting More Job Interviews In 2021

How I'm Getting More Job Interviews In 2021

When I was let go from my job earlier this year, I had no idea that I would still be unemployed months later. I've applied to jobs for months now and even though I have a great deal of experience in my field, I haven't received a single interview. Not one.

I gave myself a break over the holidays, but now that it's the new year, I want to put my all into my job search. I knew I was working hard, but I needed to start working smarter. A new year meant that it was time for a new resume.

Looking at some resume examples online, I could see why mine wasn't getting responses. It was outdated. It had been so long since the last time I'd been job hunting and I had no idea where to start editing.

After reading a few tips, I learned about ATS (application tracking systems) software, which many companies use to collect, sort, scan, and rank the job applications they receive. In fact, 75% of resumes are rejected by ATS. At that moment, getting my resume in front of the right people felt impossible.

Then I found TopResume, a resume writing service that knows all the tricks needed to get past the ATS and in front of hiring managers. Their writers also know what content your resume needs to impress the hiring managers and land you that all-important interview.

I was unsure if a resume writing service was really necessary, but it turns out that you're twice as likely to get an interview with a TopResume CV than with a self-made resume. That's TWICE the interviews, guaranteed. I decided to sign up since I really had nothing to lose at this point.

TopResume offers a free resume review, and when I got feedback and I was surprised to see how much could be improved, it was clear to me now that I needed help with my resume. If anything, the feedback confirmed that my resume wasn't getting anywhere because of ATS.

I answered some questions about my experience and job goals and I was matched with a resume writer that had knowledge of the particular field I was looking to get into. They reassured me that they could help me get interviews and we immediately got to work.

Within a week I received my new, professionally-written resume and when I compared it to my old resume, I realized how clueless the old me was. My new resume was worded perfectly, and was fully ATS-optimized, with all the keywords the system would be looking for while still highlighting all my skills. Not to mention it had a new, aesthetically pleasing format.

As soon as my new resume was done, I felt so confident, I got straight to applying. I'm sure that my new resume is being seen because after a few weeks, I had my first interview! I even re-applied to a job that was still open with my new resume and got another interview!

My interviews are coming up next week so I'm focusing on interview prep, but I know I would have never made it this far without TopResume. I'm more confident than ever that I can start the year off in a new, exciting chapter thanks to TopResume's help.

Stop stressing over your resume and hand it over to the experts. Get a professionally written resume today!

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