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Our Green Cleaner Showdown: Mrs. Meyers, MyGreenFills, Love Home & Planet, And Biokleen.

Find out who came out on top.

In recent years there has been plenty of talk about the environment and how our everyday activities, such as cleaning, are affecting it.

That's right, cleaning products can affect the indoor and outdoor environment--leading to pollution and waste.

"Green cleaners" have become fairly popular over the last few years, but are met with plenty of skepticism. People are wondering which of them actually work, and which one is the best. Some of the main players in the industry are Mrs. Meyers, Truly Free by MyGreenFills, Love Home & Planet, and Biokleen.

We decided to compare and contrast all of these brands to see which offers the most benefits.


Mrs. Meyers is probably the most widely available of the brands, given its high number of stockists. If you need green cleaning products ASAP, you'll probably find this at your local store. However, their online store is completely sold out of everything. And that goes for Pretty Love Home & Planet too - most of their online store is sold out.

Biokleen and MyGreenFills online stores are usually fully stocked. MyGreenFills even offers a flexible subscription model with savings of up to 40% for members. With the subscription, you can get your cleaning products delivered straight to your doorstep, automatically, exactly when you need them.

Variety of Product:

All brands have products in these standard categories - Laundry, Dish Cleaner, and All-purpose/Kitchen cleaning products. Biokleen has their Bac-Out collection, and MyGreenFills and Mrs. Meyers offer hand soap as well.

But MyGreenFills seems to offer every cleaning product under the sun - Glass Cleaner, Degreaser, Odor & Stain Eliminator, Wood & Furniture Polish, Stone & Steel cleanser, and even a Fruit & Veg Wash! If you have a surface that needs cleaning, they've got a non-toxic and highly effective formula for it!

Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

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Environmental Impact:

These brands are all "green" brands because of their non-toxic ingredients. But MyGreenFills takes it to the next level by being the only brand to offer a refill service. In your first delivery, you receive your jug and detergent (or wash as they call it). Once your next refill package arrives you are prompted to reuse your bottle, saving much more plastic as a result. Not having to keep going online and ordering around a big plastic jug is also a huge plus.


Honestly, we were pleasantly surprised by all the brands and how well they worked. Each and every one of them cleaned the surfaces as they were made to. But we were especially impressed with MyGreenFills and Biokleen. Both their stain removers cut through tough stains that we expected only a chemical cleaner could remove.

Final Thoughts:

Our favorite non-toxic cleaner is easily MyGreenFills. The other brands are good, and their products work really well.

However, with MyGreenFills refill subscription model, as well as its variety of products, it has really revolutionized the cleaning industry. It couldn't be more environmentally friendly or convenient.

Plus, they're offering 57% off their line of household cleaning products. We highly recommend MyGreenFills to anyone looking for a new cleaning product with a positive impact and zero waste.

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