The top over-the-counter hangover cures after partying too hard

The top over-the-counter hangover cures after partying too hard

As long as you have a designated driver, bottoms up!

Going out with friends for drinks is always a blast… until you've had one (or more) too many. The next day feels like hell on Earth as you suffer the horror of a hangover. The mind-numbing misery seems like it will never cease, and you vow to never take another sip of alcohol ever again. While you know that's not really true, you do believe it while your head is halfway down the toilet.

You love to hit up the bars and clubs with your pals and enjoy splitting a bottle of merlot with your honey, so why give up on the fun? You can drink them all under the table and wake up the next day feeling as good as ever with these hangover prevention and cure products. As long as you have a designated driver, bottoms up!

Never Too Hungover Boost

Drink a swig of Never Too Hungover Boost before, during, or after drinking alcohol and you can toss back enough vodka tonics to make your head spin without feeling the fall the following day. The 3.4oz bottle is packed with aloe vera which eliminates toxins, B vitamins to help break down alcohol and increase energy levels, gotu kola which clears the mind, green tea extract for soothing nausea, milk thistle for liver health, potassium for water balance and nerve function, and a hit of caffeine to keep you running with a full tank. The tasty berry taste with only 5 calories per serving is not only refreshing, but won't weigh you down after all that gin and juice.

Cost: 6-pack $24.99

Blowfish for Hangovers

Take two and call me in the morning. Yep, two fizzy tablets of FDA-recognized Blowfish for Hangovers will relieve the hardships of hangovers quickly and effectively. No pain, no headaches, and no wanting to hide under the covers all day once you plop the tablets into a cool glass of water and drink up. 15 minutes and you will soon forget that you downed more shots of schnapps than you'd care to admit the night before. The fresh lemony flavor and effervescent fizz is thirst-quenching, and the added caffeine will pep you up after you partied like it's 1999.

Cost: 12 tablets $11.49

Party Patch

Dress up for a night out and accessorize appropriately with the Party Patch. Drink up and party hard, and thanks to this nifty hangover prevention patch, you will wake up the morning after with no after-effects from all those tall rum and Cokes. These topical patches contain thiamine, pantothenic acid, Vitamin B6, and other effective ingredients all shown to restore the body's natural defense system, even while you are two sheets to the wind. All the ingredients are deemed to be safe and natural, and the patch is water-resistant in case some sloppy drunk spills their dirty martini all over you.

Cost: $34.99

Sobur Hangover Support

Pop a Sobur Hangover Support pill after drinking yourself silly and you will wake up hangover-free and ready to go out on the town again. The pill's active ingredient, dihydromyricetin, has been shown to "reduce the degree of drunkenness for the amount of alcohol drunk" thus making hangover symptoms less intrusive, if you get any at all. Sobur aids the liver in breaking down alcohol and improves the immune system all while restoring energy after a wild night of drinking. Sober? No. Sobur? You betcha!

Cost: $29.99


While drinking, do not forget to take a BrightDay capsule and you will enjoy the following morning as much as you did your night out at the bar. The company claims their pills will remove toxins and provide your body with nutrients that will make hangovers a non-issue. The antioxidants in BrightDay lower toxicity, the botanicals maintain liver health, amino acids aid in withdrawal symptoms, and Vitamins B and C replace the vitamins lost due to drinking. A bright day indeed with BrightDay!

Cost: $34.95


Always drink responsibly, but when you overdo it, you don't have to punish yourself the next day. Hangovers are so over with the right remedies.

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