Toniebox - The Gift Kids Love And Parents Love More

Toniebox - The Gift Kids Love And Parents Love More

In a world with YouTube, video games, and Peppa Pig, many parents are discovering how tough it can be to get their kids to set aside their screens and make time for something more inventive than smart devices.

Every day there’s yet another report about the negative impact too much screen time has on our kids. So, it’s no shock that parents everywhere are looking for ways to entertain and stimulate their kids’ minds without those addictive little apps.

Our Home and Wellness editors scoured the internet to see what we could uncover. And no matter where we looked, parents are raving about the Toniebox — an indestructible, musical storybox.

Squishable, snugly, and totally portable, The Toniebox comes with Tonies. They’re hand-painted collectibles of your kids’ favourite characters (such as Paw Patrol, Cocomelon, Paddington Bear, Frozen) bursting with their own original tale. The Toniebox has 7 hours of battery life and is designed to entertain children up to 8 years of age.

Here’s why parents like you are loving the Toniebox:

1. Easy to use

First and foremost, parents will really appreciate how easy it is to use. No intricate setup or hard-to-follow instructions. Your kids simply pop, tap, tilt, and squeeze the ears on their Toniebox to navigate through wonderful stories and songs.

2. Development benefits

Our favourite feature is that the Toniebox makes learning engaging and fun. On top of that, The National Literacy Trust notes that listening to audiobooks is both entertaining and educational in that it boosts vocabulary and literacy skills.

3. Helps with routines

Limiting screen time — especially during those critical first few years — is key. Unlike those tablets, which often keep kids up far past their bedtimes, the Toniebox can actually help kids get to sleep on time. The Toniebox has already been proven to assist with keeping daily routines on track. From wake-up to wind-down, kids engage in beneficial, screen-free play.

4. Kid-proof

Every parent has been there — your kid asks for the most expensive, fragile toy on the shelf. And you worry how and when it will break because it’s bound to. Well, the Toniebox is squishable, soft, and 100% kid-proof. It’s built to handle anything that kids throw at it — even a fall down the stairs or getting flung across the room.

5. An investment that keeps giving

Did we mention that the Toniebox will grow along with your kids? For fresh, more advanced stories, simply swap out the Tonies — each can be purchased individually. The family will be excited to start their own Tonie collection. This truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

The Toniebox starts at £79.95, and individual Tonie figurines cost £14.99. Build your own bundle and get up to 20% off! It’s a total game-changer and an original gift for birthdays or holidays.

Your kids will actually want to play with their Toniebox! No more stressing about too much screen time or that your kids won’t be stimulated and learn, the Toniebox has everything covered.

Parent and kid-approved, we recommend the Toniebox for setting your kids up for a bright and successful future.

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