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If Your Kid Loves Paw Patrol, They’ll Love The Toniebox

  • Too much screen time can hinder young children’s ability to learn social skills and even read faces, so parents everywhere are struggling to cut down on it.
  • Our editors are always looking for solutions to our readers’ problems, so we searched for an intelligent alternative to screentime saturation. That's when we discovered the Toniebox.
  • If your kids like stories like Paw Patrol and Frozen, keep reading to find out why the Toniebox is a screenless solution they’ll love.

No parent plans to let TV and iPad games “babysit” their children when mummy needs some peace and quiet. But in this day and age, it feels next to impossible to prevent.

Turns out screens can hinder young children’s ability to read faces and learn social skills, completely disrupting their development.

Our editors understand the struggle and wanted to help our readers find a solution to keep kids happy without negatively affecting their social development. Luckily, we found the Toniebox.

The Toniebox is a musical story box that children engage with 148 times more than the average toy. It comes with Tonies — hand-painted collectibles of your kid’s favourite characters that are bursting with charming tales.

If your kid loves watching Paddington Bear, Frozen, Peppa Pig, Gruffalo, or Paw Patrol, here’s why they’ll love the Toniebox…

1. Easy To Use

It's so easy to set up. Kids simply stick a Tonie figurine atop the box — it’s magnetic so the Tonie stays in place. Then simply pop, tap, tilt, and squeeze the ears on the Toniebox to navigate through their preferred stories and songs that bring each character to life.

The Toniebox is soft and kid-proof and can handle anything your little ones throw at it — even a knock off the bed or a drop down the stairs.

2. Never Stops Bringing The Fun

It's designed to entertain children up to 8 years of age and will grow up along with your kids. For fresh, more advanced stories, simply change the Tonies — which you can purchase individually and start your own Tonie collection.

For older kids, the National Geographic collection focuses on animals and nature. Clearly, this is a gift that lasts for years. And it has 7 hours of battery life to keep children entertained for hours.

Not to forget the Creative-Tonies, that provides up to 90 minutes of recordable space. What a terrific solution for storing grandparents’ stories or capturing all those family jokes the kids demand you tell again and again!

3. Developmental Benefits

Limiting screen time — especially during those first few years — is key. With the Toniebox, children can keep their minds active while developing essential skills and having fun. According to The National Literacy Trust, listening to audiobooks is both entertaining and educational in that it improves vocabulary and literacy skills.

97% of parents are raving about how this musical story box helps with bedtime routines. There are wind-down stories and even white noise, ideal for bedtime routines. When you’re drained and at the end of a busy day, don’t worry about performing for your kids. Simply tuck them in bed with their special Tonie and they’ll drift off to dreamland.

The price of each Tonie is similar to the Sylvanian Families and other figurines. But the Tonies are unique because they’re hand-painted figurines that can be used for years. You can go with a bundle that contains a Toniebox, a Creative-Tonie, and up to 5 Tonies of your choice. Or you can get creative and build your own bundle which gives you up to 20% off.

The Starter bundle (Toniebox + 1 Tonie) is £89.99, the Collector bundle (Toniebox + 3 Tonies) is £109.99, and the Full Experience ( best value has a Toniebox + 5 Tonies) is £119.99.

Your little ones’ faces will come alive with stories and songs they’ll never tire of. For years of joy and fun learning, pick up a Toniebox now!

Our friends at Tonies are offering our readers an exclusive 10% off Starter sets and Bundles for today only. Simply use the code: TOPTONIES

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