Here’s How Thuma Helped Me Kickstart My 2024

Here’s How Thuma Helped Me Kickstart My 2024

Every new year, without fail, I find myself getting caught up in the whole New Year's resolution craze. This time around, I've decided to take a break from the madness. No more crazy goals like climbing Mount Everest within the first six months or mastering a new language in weeks.

But I still wanted a positive change. So, I embarked on a quest for simplicity and stumbled upon three ridiculously easy steps to sprinkle some well-being magic into the upcoming year:

Minimize your interior

I’ve found that when you own less, there’s less to manage and stress over. The room in my home that felt the most crowded was my bedroom, so that's where I started. I got rid of knick-knacks, donated the books stacked in the corner, and finally went through the paperwork that had become a tower of terror on my desk.

I have to say decluttering was exactly what I needed; I've already noticed that I'm not as stressed or anxious.

Even better, through minimizing my space, I had the motivation to find someone to help me haul away my bulky, out-of-style bed frame.

Maximize your space

When searching for a new bed frame online, I came across The Bed, by Thuma. The sophisticated frame features clean lines and subtle curves that provide the perfect minimalist foundation to upgrade any space. This frame seemed like the perfect piece to help me make the most out of my bedroom.

I was shocked at how easy assembly was—I didn’t need any tools or metal hardware. The Bed is composed of upcycled rubberwood and is offered in three shades: Natural, Walnut and the brand new Espresso that look good with any aesthetic.

The Bed is built to last a lifetime, and its quality craftsmanship means The Bed is sturdy, quiet, and supportive. Your mattress will feel brand new again. All this without taking up necessary space or being an eyesore like my last bed frame! Thuma have also recently launched The Headboard, which you can always pick up separately and add it to The Bed.

Cultivate a healthy lifestyle

Adopting the first two steps really set me up for success for the third. Now that I wake up refreshed in my new Thuma bed, it’s much easier to make healthier choices throughout the day.

I never imagined I’d have the motivation to establish a truly healthy lifestyle, but it was as simple as taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I also started going for walks in the park with friends rather than meeting up virtually to play video games.

These helpful steps ensured that I walked into 2024 with better health, better sleep, and the energy to tackle whatever challenges come my way.

If you’re tired of being bogged down by resolutions that are impossible to keep, I suggest finding ways to declutter and reorganize your life.

We all know that sleep is essential to literally everything we do. That’s why investing in The Bed is the first step. Trust me when I say, The Bed, by Thuma will enhance your life this year and many more to come.