I Tried Thrive Causemetics. Here's My Honest Review.

I Tried Thrive Causemetics. Here's My Honest Review.

Hot girl summer unfortunately also means sweaty girl summer. And while yes, I'd love to be living it up with amazing hair and fun makeup and clothes, comfort has to come first. It's just too hot.

With parties coming up, I want to get back into dressing up nice, but anything heavier than sunscreen will probably just make me break out or sweat right off.

I went looking for the internet's favorite waterproof makeup hacks, and I stumbled upon a thread of people raving about Thrive Causemetics' Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™. They kept saying it's got a unique formula that makes it flake-free and last all day.

The websiteclaimed that it would come off with just warm water and a washcloth; that seemed impossible, especially if I was going to the beach or swimming. How could something stay all day, but also come off so easily?

I was going to look for more options, but I kept seeing people rave about this one; it won an award from Allure last year, and it happens to be vegan, paraben-free, and cruelty-free too, so it's great for anyone with sensitive skin like me

Fine, I was down to try it. While I was on their website, I saw that they give back to communities and organizations that helped women thrive, which was awesome.

It arrived in the iconic teal tube, and I wiggled it onto my lashes: ohh. It delivered a voluminous, long lash, that gave extra drama with 2 coats. It looked even better than my go-to drugstore buy. Ingredients like castor seed oil and shea butter work to nourish your lashes, so you're getting more than just an amazing look and it promote natural lash growth, too.

I'm always down to try new things when it comes to makeup so it's nice to have some base products that actually nourish and hydrate my skin and lashes.

To take off the mascara, I gently used a washcloth, and was legitimately amazed by the technology; the formula came off, without rubbing too hard, almost like in little strings. This was so much better than the other gunk I was using. I also didn't get raccoon eyes! It just kind of peeled off my lashes with absolutely no fuss!

While I have a skincare routine, I love that I don't have to feel like it makes up for using drugstore products; I can also invest in products that nourish my skin.

I went back to Thrive Causemetics and bought two of theBrilliant Eye Brighteners™- a cream-to-powder highlighter stick - and a Triple Threat Color Stick™ that works for your face, lips, and body.

The Brighteners went on so smooth, and could be layered to deliver some serious color. I got the Limited Edition Betty, a Sky Blue Shimmer that gave me y2k vibes, and Gia, a Warm Gold Shimmer that looks incredible with brown eyes. My eye makeup is done in a minute flat but it looks like I spent a while on it. It's hydrating and stays in place, so with mascara, it's a complete look that doesn't budge.

The Color Stick I got in Tessa, a Berry Matte, which looks great on my lips, especially for nighttime with the Gold Eye Shimmer, and gives a super fun flushed look on cheeks. It's also buildable for intense lips if I want to go bold.

Seriously, I don't know if I ever want to try drugstore products or even high-end makeup for a while; there's absolutely no regard for your skin's sensitivity in the making of those products, so then you break out more and need more skincare…. It's a cycle I especially don't want to start in the summer.

Thrive Causemetics makes products that are replenishing for your skin, and look amazing! Hydrated Girl Summer, here I come.

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