Three Things I Was Surprised To Find Out About Handy

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Here are some things I thought about Handy that I was surprised to find out weren't true

Over the last months, staying at home has made me realize just how messy I am. I've always been a little unorganized but that was under normal circumstances, I was super busy and I hardly spent much time at home.

These days, my home has never been more in need of a deep clean. The windows are covered in fingerprints, there are dust bunnies in every corner, and the kitchen has never been dirtier - especially the oven (thanks to all that banana bread I baked).

I've realized how important it is to look after your home - you never know when (and how long) you might be stuck there! So I decided to look into cleaning services. A friend of mine recommended using Handyto book a cleaner, but I wasn't too sure about them.

Here are some things I thought about Handy that I was surprised to find out weren't true:

Myth #1: You can't schedule cleanings for as soon as the next day

As I said, I'm a busy person, so being organized isn't always easy for me. With Handy, you can schedule a cleaning appointment 7 days a week from 7am - 11pm. Sometimes someone is even available to come over as soon as the next day. When I heard this, I knew this service was right up my street. I need convenience. Not only that though, with Handy you can sign up for a cleaning plan, which allows you to have someone clean regularly on a schedule that works for you.

Myth #2: You must be home while your cleaners are there

Now that we're not completely housebound, I've been trying to return to a semi-normal routine, meaning I leave the house more. It's nice having the option to let the Cleaning Pro do their work. And I feel comfortable doing so since Handy vets the Cleaning Pros booked through their platform using an ID verification and abackground screening. Plus, you can give the Pro instructions online before they even arrive!

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Pros on the Handy platform have been provided with CDC safety guidelines as well as masks and gloves for use during bookings. The Handy Safety Standard has several measures like this to foster a safe environment for the customers and professionals in their communities. Including asking any pros who feel sick to stay home and rest, and having an in-app daily check up to validate they are feeling well in order to book jobs. I love that they have really gone the extra mile during such a challenging time for everyone.

Myth #3: It's super expensive to book a cleaning on a regular basis

I was honestly surprised to learn how affordable services booked through Handy are. The Pros booked through Handy can handle every cleaning service you can imagine - you can have your garbage and recycling disposed of, sinks and toilets sanitized, the dishwasher loaded, and everything in between.

There's the option of monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly plans.. For an additional fee, you can book upgraded services such as pet hair removal and window cleaning. Plus, their Handy Happiness Guarantee assures me that if I'm unhappy with a service, they'll work to make it right, so signing up is risk-free.

I was uninformed about cleaning services, but I've discovered that Handy's convenient and affordable plans are totally for me. I'm looking forward to getting regular help from the Handy Pros and living in a much cleaner space!

Update: The folks at Handy are extending a Special offer to our readers. For a limited time follow this link to get a special offer on a cleaning plan!

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