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Three Things HelloFresh Helped Me Get Done This School Season

The school terms are always busy. Our family is chaotic, we rush around in the mornings looking for the kids' shoes, packing their lunches and getting myself ready for work. The hours after school are hectic too.

The first half of this semester has me running around cleaning up after the kids. I couldn't follow the same routines anymore, work has been getting busier and with the kids in school, it's time to get them into a routine of classes, homework, and sleep. Here are a few things that I need to check off my list to improve our family routine .

Get our dinner times back on track

During school days, dinner time is always varied, which means we're constantly eating. The kids come back from school and grab a snack before rushing off to after school activities only to come back and look for more food! But that isn't healthy, it's time for a proper schedule.

Cooking every night is an extreme challenge for us, so I looked into "Meal Kits" and up popped HelloFresh. It has so many great 5 star reviews so I decided to give it a go. I went with the Family Plan for four people and four meals a week at only $9.99 per serving. Then I picked our meals, which change weekly. Everything was delivered right to our doorstep with all the pre-measured ingredients I'd need for the meals. The recipe cards are super easy to follow and now my kids actually help to cook different yummy dinners each night.

We started with something everyone loves: the Beef & Veggie Ragu Spaghetti with Garlic Pangrattato - the kids love it. Throughout the week, we kept experimenting and getting more adventurous. The Creamy Pumpkin Ravioli & Bacon with Mushrooms & Sage took only 15 minutes to make and is now something the kids order whenever it's on the weekly menu. We went all out on Friday and made the Roast Veggie Minestrone with Basil Pesto & Parmesan Crisps. Although it took a bit longer, it was by far the best dish.

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Signing up for HelloFresh is the smartest thing I've done. Now the kids know exactly when dinner will be on the table. It's easy, convenient and delicious - what more could I want? Plus, they're a sustainable company and devoted to minimizing their carbon footprint. Although we can skip, cancel or pause our HelloFresh subscription whenever we want, I doubt we'll be doing that.

Clear out the kids' wardrobes

Every year we make an effort to sort out the kid's clothes. Now that it's school season it's time to make sure all their uniforms and comfortable clothes are easier to find.

Before heading out shopping we went through their wardrobes and packed up all the old clothes that no longer fit, and the ones they no longer like, plus mismatched socks for donation. Now the kids know exactly where everything is and their clothes will actually fit.

Catch some me-time

After a long day's work, cooking dinner, and helping the kids with their homework, the minute my head hits the pillow, I realize I have not had one minute to myself all day. This school year I'm determined to fit in some me-time, even if it's only for 30 minutes. I simply want to meditate, take a long bath, read a good book, and get my head right before I tuck in for the night.

I'm very proud of the self-care program I just established - thanks to HelloFresh meals. They really free up my nights. Now I even manage to fit in some yoga and meditation! I can't believe how much calmer it makes me feel so I'm going to stick to it and up my me-time throughout the day.

HelloFresh saves me so much time because I don't have to go to the grocery store or plan meals. Just a few clicks and the HelloFresh box arrives on our doorstep every week. Goodbye to hour-long meal preps and hello to less food waste, not to mention fewer dishes to wash up.

HelloFresh provides my family with a steady routine and now my kids have healthy, balanced dinners that they think are fantastic. There are additional desserts and sides - perfect for snack time. It's made my life super productive. You should definitely give HelloFresh a try.

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