Which Therapy Service Is Right For You?

Which Therapy Service Is Right For You?

We looked at traditional, BetterHelp and Talkspace

Therapy shouldn't be taboo. Licensed professionals helping you make your life feel more manageable? Everyone should have the opportunity to try it at least once.

In-person therapy has been touted as the norm, but telehealth services are popping up constantly, like Talkspace and BetterHelp.

Everyone learns, thinks, and heals differently, so it's important that you identify a therapeutic approach that works for you.

Here are our findings on traditional in-person therapy and the newer, online options.

Key Similarities

  • In all spaces, everyone is a licensed therapist with extensive training and credentials
  • If you're ever unhappy with your therapist, you can always switch to a new one
  • Currently, all options have face-to-face video appointments

Key Differences

  • Talkspace and BetterHelp offer much more affordable plans, but Talkspace offers the cheapest plan and insurance coverage
  • With online therapy, you can switch to a new therapist sometimes within a day
  • Talkspace and Betterhelp offer more flexible times outside the 9-5 day; weekends or nights may be available, and with Talkspace you get an ongoing chat you check into at any time

Therapy Brought To You
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Talkspace Overview

On Talkspace, you start by talking to a matching agent, not a bot, and fill out a 2-minute survey that's more comprehensive than most therapist office one-sheeters.

They ask about what elements of your life you're looking to delve into, and recommend 3 different therapists you can read about before choosing one.

Once you have a therapist, they have 5 days a week where they're online, but any time you message them, you're guaranteed a response within 24 hours. No one else has a guaranteed response window. Depending on your plan, you can do video chats, texts, or see what other options are available.

Talkspace has an edge because they require their professionals to undergo extra training on mental healthcare in the online space.

Talkspace also has the most affordable option, starting at $80/week and allows flexibility with the different plan choices.

BetterHelp Overview

BetterHelp has a similar onboarding process to Talkspace, but it's more automated - there's no human element until you speak to your therapist.

BetterHelp automatically assigns you a therapist, and then you have access to them Monday-Friday.

BetterHelp offers only one plan, but if you don't need the live video sessions, Talkspace offers the cheapest solution.

Traditional Therapy Overview

For traditional in-person therapy, you may be expected to take the time to do prior research online to view therapists' specialties, or they may prefer to match you with someone who better fits your physical schedule than your needs.

It can also be much more difficult to switch therapists (and awkward, if you're still bound to bump into them). Finding the right therapist can take a few tries, and it's much easier to switch online.

Typically, in-person therapy can go for around $150 per session, making it the most expensive by far, but all plans can depend on your insurance coverage.


Therapy can be a wonderful resource for once in a while or weekly sessions. As long as you feel you're on the right journey for your mental health management, you've made the right choice!

However, we're fans of Talkspace's convenient online options; they can offer more services on a flexible schedule with the same quality of therapy. You also gain so much more time back by not having to commute to in-person therapy. Topdust has an exclusive discount to see if Talkspace could be the right fit for you.