Parenting Made Fun — Toniebox, The Hero Against Screen Overload

Parenting Made Fun — Toniebox, The Hero Against Screen Overload

  • Balancing parental responsibilities with keeping children occupied can be challenging. Many parents over-rely on screens to “babysit” for them.
  • Screen overload can be bad for your child’s development. We found an alternative way to keep your child entertained for hours: The Toniebox
  • Keep reading to learn more about the Toniebox and why we’re recommending it to parents

Being a parent is tough, especially when you’re trying to get a particular task done and need to keep your children occupied.

It begins with a seemingly harmless solution—putting on the TV to momentarily engage your child while you tackle household chores.

But the older they get, the more screen time they crave. And before you know it, they’ve got their own little iPad that makes them restless and grumpy and even disrupts their sleep. Not to mention that screens can inhibit young children’s ability to read faces and learn social skills.

Our editors have been on the hunt for a solution and we’ve found one that will keep your kids entertained for hours— without screens. Parents, meet the Toniebox.

The Toniebox is an indestructible, musical storybox for children from nursery up to 8 years old. In fact, children engage with the Toniebox 148 times more than other toys.

Here’s why you need to invest in a Toniebox if you’re trying to cut down on your child’s screentime:

Hours of Screenless Entertainment

The soft and squishy Toniebox has 7 hours of battery life and comes with Tonies—hand-painted collectible figurines of your favourite characters that are bursting with fun tales.

Kids pop a Tonie on top, then tap, tilt and squeeze the ears on the Toniebox to navigate through their preferred stories and songs—bringing each character to life. Popular Tonies include Paddington Bear, Frozen, Peppa Pig, Gruffalo, Paw Patrol and more.

Developmental Benefits

The best part is that the Toniebox makes learning fun. According to The National Literacy Trust, listening to audiobooks is entertaining and educational, improving vocabulary and literacy skills. It’s also proven to keep daily routines on track with white noise and wind-down stories—ideal for bedtime routines. From wake up to wind down, kids can engage in screen-free fun.

An Investment that Keeps On Giving

Generally, kids outgrow their toys quickly, but the Toniebox grows along with them. For fresh, more advanced stories, you can simply swap out the Tonies—each can be purchased individually from only £11.99. Your family will be thrilled to start your own Tonie collection. This truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

Final Thoughts

As parents, limiting screen time—especially during those first few years—is key. With the Toniebox, children can keep their minds active while developing essential skills.

Why not start with a bundle that contains a Toniebox, a Creative-Tonie, and up to 5 Tonies of your choice? Or get creative and build your own bundle which gives you up to 20% off.

Say goodbye to evenings dominated by iPads and sulky kids who’ve been put on a time-out.

With the Toniebox, children travel far beyond their screens—they use their imaginations. They’ll tell stories and sing, laugh and learn. From breakfast to bedtime, your beloved Toniebox will fill your family’s life with joy!

Try the Toniebox, the screen-free solution every parent loves.

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