The TV Show That Made Science The Coolest Thing Ever

Get ready for a blast from the past.

The prehistoric past.

Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill Nye the Science Guy. We know you love him. He's Bill Nye, and he's about to teach you a thing or two about how the world works.

Back in '93, this special scientist started his TV show that combined comedy with stunning visual explanations of how our body, the universe, and the laws of science work. There was music, there was a host of characters human and molecular, and a bunch of amazing guest appearances.

Mr. Nye taught you how to do cool home experiments, tricks, and taught you fascinating "do you know's" that we're sure you still remember. There was even the infamous "Bloodstream" song parody after the B52's song, "Loveshack." It's only one of the reasons why you need to watch all 100 episodes again. Right now. And pretty soon, Bill Nye's getting his own talk show on Netflix. Yes indeed.

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