Take Your Sleep To The Next Level By Upgrading Your Mattress

Take Your Sleep To The Next Level By Upgrading Your Mattress

Whether you want to win your next competition or simply boost your health and fitness, working out is essential to reach these goals. But what you do outside the gym - like your diet, drinking enough water, and high-quality sleep - is just as crucial.

Nutrition and exercise have become so omnipresent in our everyday thinking that we often forget all about sleep - even though it’s necessary for training to actually work! If you believe that you build muscles while lifting weights, you're wrong; you tear muscle fibers in the gym and repair (grow muscles) while you rest.

Our editors found out that top athletes use Eight Sleep to maximize their recovery. Eight Sleep's Pod Pro is a cooling mattress that incorporates cutting-edge technology to give you the most effective sleep through personalized bed temperature, health monitoring, and digital sleep coaching.

Here's how athletes use Eight Sleep to achieve sleep fitness:

Eight Sleep App for maintaining sleep consistency

Be on top of your sleep fitness with the Eight Sleep app that allows you to schedule personalized temperatures for each phase of the night. On top of that, you'll get daily reports of your sleep performance, consistency, tosses and turns, heart rate, respiratory rate, and more. You can even set a wake-up time and wake up refreshed with gradual temperature change and chest-level vibrations.

Thermoregulation for high-quality sleep

Controlling temperature is key to achieving the best sleep possible - which your muscles need to recover. The National Sleep Foundation recommends keeping the room temperature between 60 F and 67 F to enable the brain to enter the deeper stages of sleep more easily. With Eight Sleep's Pod Pro, you can set each side anywhere between 55 to 100 F. You’ll never have to worry about night sweats again!

Premium Foam for optimal support

By analyzing over 73 million hours of sleep data, Eight Sleep created mattresses that provide the highest comfort possible so you get the sleep you need to perform at your best. Their signature transition foam adjusts to your body's sleeping position, giving your spine the perfect support to peacefully rest.

Intelligent SmartTemp for individual sleeping needs

Adults require between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night to achieve sleep fitness. But not just the duration is essential; also, the continuity of your night's rest plays an important role. Eight Sleep's signature feature, SmartTemp, can predict your body’s most comfortable temperature every second of the night and adjusts accordingly, making sure you don't get interrupted while sleeping.

Advanced Technology for the right environment

A good mattress, a quiet environment, and controlled light exposure are crucial environmental factors to improve your nightly recovery. Eight Sleep's Pod Pro has the technology to achieve all that. Its water-powered hub is so silent that you won't even notice it, and its innovative ambient sensors measure your room temperature and humidity, maintaining your ideal thermal environment.

Quality sleep is key to making the most out of your hours during the day. If you want to maintain good sleep-fitness to perform at your very best, we can't recommend Eight Sleep's Pod Pro enough!

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