The Lamp That Cares About Your Well-Being

The Lamp That Cares About Your Well-Being

Okay, we know. Lamps are boring. They don't have much to say. But what if we told you that this lamp actually cared about making you feel better?

The Naturebright Per2 LED Wake Up Light is more than just your average lamp. It was developed in lighting research and sleep labs in order to adjust to the time of day. This means, the light changes to mimic natural light as you go from morning to afternoon to night. In the morning, the lamp will give you energetic light, and by nighttime the lamp will give you calming light that won't interfere with your sleep. By combining these smart LEDs with your body's natural rhythms, it's the recipe for boosting your energy, mood, and concentration.

Cool, huh?

But what's even cooler is that the lamp also comes with a built-in alarm clock. (Because we all need a little help getting up in the morning.) The adjustable arm allows you to focus the light just where you need it, whether for reading, projects, or what have you. It's also small enough to travel with you to college, your new tiny apartment, or office.

Straining your eyes with too-bright or too-dull artificial bulbs is so old fashioned. Keep it natural. It'll cost you a bit, but at less than $70, hopefully your increased productivity will be worth it.

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