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How The Juggernaut is Filling the South Asian Gap in Mainstream Media

While there’s never been a more critical time to be in the know, there’s also never been a more difficult time. With so many outlets and big-name media companies dominating the space, it can be difficult to find a news source that’s accessible and reflects the news you’re looking for.

Top news stories and flashy headlines all follow the same pattern and rarely branch out to new ideas or communities. That is, until The Juggernaut.

The Juggernaut is a publication that publishes smart, nuanced news stories about South Asia and South Asians — think people originally from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, the Maldives, and Afghanistan. It’s considered ‘Smart journalism for South Asian stories,’ and The Juggernaut welcomes readers from all different backgrounds.

Since The Juggernaut differs from any mainstream news source we’ve interacted with, we decided to take a deeper look.

Here’s what we found:

What is The Juggernaut?

The Juggernaut started as a free weekly newsletterhighlighting South Asians and South Asian culture. After creating a massive base, they’ve now expanded to an online publication covering all areas of news. Their stories are meant to celebrate South Asian culture, but also challenge the misconceptions and stereotypes found in mainstream media.

What kind of stories do they publish?

They’ve published over 700 stories and cover all kinds of topics! They have stories in categories ranging from culture, politics, and history to business, tech, and more.

Some editor’s picks are pieces like The Rise of Sexy Asians on Screen,How Diwali Marketing Went Mainstream in the U.S., and South Asians In Therapy: Challenging Norms and Taboos.

Why do I need a subscription?

Journalists, artists, photographers, and illustrators also need paychecks. Paywalls help organizations like The Juggernaut pay the people they work with responsibly. And over 94% of the journalists, artists, photographers, and illustrators they work with are people of color.

The Juggernaut is very transparent about its pricing and keeps its subscription prices at $1.40 a week — that’s less than a cup of chai! Plus, they offer student, lifetime, annual, and monthly subscription plans, but the annual plan is the most popular (and gives a little more bang for your buck). They also don’t increase prices on you once you sign on to a plan, unlike other publications.

Their subscription fees — and more — go directly to their diverse reporters and illustrators. In fact, 3x of their subscription revenue has gone directly to their editorial team.

Is The Juggernaut only for South Asians?

No! The Juggernaut was founded because of the underrepresentation of South Asian stories in the media. South Asians are the fastest-growing demographic in the United States and the world’s largest diaspora, and news outlets should reflect those stories.

The Juggernaut prides itself on being a ‘big tent’ that welcomes everyone, no matter their background! Whether you’re curious about South Asian culture, interested in attending events, looking to expand your perspective, or want to diversify your reading, The Juggernaut has a story for you.

Is The Juggernaut only a publication?

The Juggernaut was founded to tell South Asian stories, whatever the medium! While written articles were the first focus, they’re also launching podcasts in early 2022 and have video originals on their YouTube channel.

The Juggernaut also hosts both online and offline events — think Bollywood trivia nights and Instagram lives with Great British Bake Off contestants. You can also follow them on all social media platforms, including Instagram andTwitter.

Finding unique voices in the media has always been difficult, but The Juggernaut is making it beyond easy. We now get diverse stories and thoughtful opinions without the hassle of dredging through the silos of mainstream media.

With low prices, high-quality stories by diverse writers, and new stories every week, The Juggernaut has become our favorite addition to the world of storytelling.

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