The Best & The Worst Hair Products Revealed

The Best & The Worst Hair Products Revealed

Picking a new hair product can be downright overwhelming. There’s just so much to choose from – with some of the best-reviewed hair care essentials costing a fortune. So how can you know which ones are worth the price?

Our editors did a deep dive and reviewed haircare’s trending products, from shampoos to balms and waxes, to ensure you know the pros and cons before spending a whole lot of money – goodbye guesswork!

Here are the must-have hair products and the ones you better skip:

Best: New Wash Original – $40

Hairstory’s New Wash is a one-step solution, meaning you can say ditch overpriced conditioners and hair masks. It’s sulfate-free and cleans without detergent.

New Wash won’t strip away your hair’s protective barrier, so you’ll need fewer washes thanks to the restoration of your natural oil production cycle. No more shower-grease-repeat! Your hair will be left healthier, less frizzy, and looking sooo much better.

Worst: Atlantis Moisturizing Shampoo + Conditioner – $32.00 per product ($64 total)

An easy shopping experience is just as important as getting a product that works. Unfortunately, R+Co doesn’t get either done. It’s easy to get lost on their site, and their overpriced Atlantis Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner doesn’t deliver the results it promises. Our hair didn’t feel moisturized at all, and we had difficulty with detangling.

Best: Hair Balm – $37

WOW. We’ve never stumbled across such a lightweight, moisturizing formula that helps to define curls without leaving your hair frizzy or sticky. All you need to do is massage 1-2 pumps into damp hair and voila; your hair will dry wonderfully on its own – no heat styling tools needed! Hairstory’s Hair Balm is perfect if you’re short on time or want to return to embracing your hair’s natural texture.

Worst: Curl Defining Cream – $32

Bumble & Bumble’s Curl Defining Cream was a no-go for us. Its smell wasn’t pleasant and it left our hair greasy, which - to be honest - most products we’ve tried did. Compared to Hairstory’s Hair Balm, it weighs our hair down instead of defining our curls. And it left our hair frizzy and unruly. We couldn’t wait to wash it out.

Best: Wax – $29.00

We wanted to find a styling solution that fulfilled all of our needs.. One that’s water-resistant but doesn’t make your hair the helmet-head effect. Hairstory’s Wax ticked all our boxes. Its creamy texture makes it easy to distribute so that you can sculpt your hair to your heart’s desire. Great to use on short or medium haircuts and helps tame flyaways and calm frizz. We also found that it helps fine hair feel fuller and it works perfectly to define curls without ever feeling greasy.

Worst: Continental Glossing Wax – $29

R+Co’s Continental Glossing Wax was the wax we were the least happy with. Its fragrance is overpowering and it weighs down the hair, making it look way too shiny. We didn’t like its texture either – compared to all the other products we’ve tried, it was the most difficult to work with.

Best: Powder – $37

Hairstory’s Powder is a dry shampoo, volumizer, texturizer, and styling tool that’s translucent, talc-free, and aerosol-free. It’s super easy to apply, doesn’t leave any residue behind and works fantastic as an everyday hair refresher. In addition, it absorbs oil quickly, extends the life of a blowout, adds texture to braids, and helps hold up a bun; a super versatile product that we can’t live without!

Worst: Skyline Dry Shampoo Powder – $30

We’ve tried multiple dry shampoos, but Prêt-à-powder Très Invisible (Nourishing) Dry Shampoo by Bumble & Bumble got our worst rating. Even though we thought we would save some bucks, we were shocked by how quickly it ran out – we used it less than 10 times! On top of that, the product left behind grey-looking spots on darker hair.

Overall, we loved Hairstory’s products and were positively surprised by their results. They’re made of clean effective ingredients that leave your hair lively, happy, and healthy – 5 stars from us!

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