The Best Detanglers for Unruly Hair

The Best Detanglers for Unruly Hair

Smooth things over...

When your 'do is more of a "don't," it's time to manage your mane with a decent detangler. Knots and clumps that make people believe it when you say, "I woke up like this," is not a good look. With a little love, your locks can go from messy to maintained in minutes. These five detanglers are Topdust's picks for pretty hair you can actually run your fingers through.

Unite 7Seconds Condition Leave-In Detangler


Talk about 7 seconds in heaven! Unite 7Seconds Condition Leave-In Detangler is super-moisturizing and ultra-nourishing, and goes to work quickly to kick nasty knots to the curb. Leave this pro-level luxury on your locks all day long for soft and shiny hair that keeps tangles tamed till you turn in for the night.

The Honest Co. Honest Conditioning Detangler

The Honest Co.

If Jessica Alba (founder of The Honest Co.) swears by her line of products, we average folk can count on her conditioning treatment to take care of our hair too. The Honest Co. Honest Conditioning Detangler is a spray-on solution made with all-natural, vegan ingredients like shea butter and argan oil, designed to detangle and silken every strand.

Long Sexy Hair Luxe Detangler

Long Sexy Hair

The longer the hair, the more likely it will tangle up and tick you off. Thanks to the leave-in Long Sexy Hair Luxe Detangler, ladies (and some good-looking gents) with hair that hangs can be sure knots won't knock them out. Biotin and moringa oil deal with dryness, adding another perk to your now-perfect hair.

Ladibugs Pesticide-Free Detangling Spray


Tell those tangles to bug off with Ladibugs Pesticide-Free Detangling Spray. Why the mention of pesticides? That's because this spray works double duty. First it deals with your messy mop, then it wards off lice that can be a far worse issue than tresses in tangles. A few spritzes post-shower and your hair will be knot- and critter-free.

Johnson's No More Tangles Detangling Spray


Made for little ones but strong enough for grown-ups, Johnson's No More Tangles Detangling Spray is gentle, yet effective when it comes to being able to comb through your 'do sans snags. Use on wet or dry hair and see the difference in your hair's tone and texture instantaneously. Safe for even the most sensitive skin since its hypoallergenic and easy on the eyes if you mistakenly misfire your spritz, this detangler is a savior for hair that's in need of help.

Hairy situations simply need a solution. Tangles can be tough, so fight back with our favorite products.

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