The Best, Exciting Deals Our Editors Are Actually Shopping This Prime Day

The Best, Exciting Deals Our Editors Are Actually Shopping This Prime Day

Best things to shop Amazon Prime Day 2022

Some people like Christmas, for the presents. Some people like Valentine’s Day, because they love love … or something. Some prefer New Year’s for the chance to start over, to revel in that feeling of new beginnings, and to kiss a stranger at midnight.

But me? My favorite holiday is Amazon Prime Day.

Other people always seem to buy you things you don’t want, don’t need, and feel too guilty to throw away (to all the bad gifts I’ve hated before, thanks for giving my junk drawer its purpose). But on Amazon Prime Day, I’m the ultimate gift giver and the most grateful gift recipient.

But what exactly is Prime Day? For those not yet intimately familiar with this glorious two-day sales event, forget Black Friday and get yourself an Amazon Prime membership to partake in these deals-deals-deals.

Prime Day is Amazon's annual deal event on July 12-13.


Exclusively for Prime members, it features two days of epic deals on small businesses and top brands. Prime Day 2022 kicks off at 12 a.m. EDT on July 12 and extends through 11:59 p.m. EDT on July 13.

All our editors agree: Amazon Prime Day is where it's at. Picks are already in our carts, and we’ve set alarms on our phones and devices. We are primed for the prices to get slashed and can’t wait until they ship to our doors.

Wonder what our discerning, on-trend editors are shopping for this Prime Day? Wonder no more.

AirPods Max

I know a few sections up I was chatting up inexpensive purchases, but these are $100 off full price. Yeah-yeah, still $449, but I’ll use these every last day of my life on this planet. And, most likely, it’s a sale that Apple won’t run themselves.

My first-gen AirPods freed me from the cord war. As a wireless woman, I felt like Pinocchio - “no strings to hold me down.” Frankly, the the noise-canceling feature is the pièce de résistance. I’d rather rebook a flight than fly without my AirPods. If the AirPods Pro released me, the AirPods Max are going to unleash me.

The Roam Premium Dog Collar

After my puppy’s last collar broke, I purchased a ROAM collar in Florida Seaside, and was pleasantly surprised by this collar’s heavy-duty, tactical material. I was drawn in by the rich colors, which are so much nicer than the neon ones at our local pet store.

Just as gorgeous IRL, the unique buckle design hasn’t let me down yet. It’s strong enough so that it doesn’t get loose on his neck.

After several months, there’s only a normal amount of wear and tear. Now that the pup’s gotten a bit bigger, we’re upgrading in size this Prime Day and going with shade - Oregon Haze.

The OXO Good Grips Food Scale

I love to bake, but there have always been recipes that are miles above my skill level. When I recently met up with a friend to bake up some macarons, I realized I had no idea how to measure in grams, instead of cups and teaspoons.

My friend and I took all Sunday to make the finicky macarons but they came out delicious - with the trademark feet! All thanks to the exact measurements from her OXO Good Grips Food Scale. It’s incredibly intuitive, the screen can be pulled out for easy access, and a variety of settings ensure that this is the only kitchen scale you’ll ever need. Advanced recipes, here I come!

Deep Tissue Massager

For years, I’ve suffered with aches and pains in my neck and back. Busy days on my work laptop and stress has only made things worse. The ideal solution would be to weekly deep tissue massages - one can dream, right? - but it’s beyond this budget.

I’d tried other massage techniques and equipment in the past but this Massage Gun, Deep Tissue Percussion Massager is something that really relieves the pain. It’s handheld and comes with 6 different heads that are perfect for various trigger points. Generally, massage guns - especially ones for athletes - can be expensive but this Prime Day, I’m carting it ASAP.

Sun Bum Lip Balm Variety Pack

I get that most people buy cool and expensive items for Prime Day, but this is truly the only chapstick I will ever buy - I’ve turned at least five of my friends onto this fantastic lip balm.

I’m exceptionally pale, so I’m very familiar with Sun Bum’s sunscreen. But after using their Cocobalm lip balm I’m convinced they should focus completely on their chapstick line forever. Aloe vera and coconut oil instantly soothes my lips so they’re beyond smooth. It goes on way silkier than hardcore balms or salves and gives my lips a healthy look .

Wearing full coverage makeup during the summer - or ever - isn’t really my thing. But this lip balm paired with a quick sweep of bronzer is my summer go-to. When people ask what I have on my lips, there’s no better feeling than flexing that it’s just a $5 chapstick.

Poketo Concept Planner

The only thing keeping my life on track is this planner – and I’m just aboutout of pages.

I found Poketo while on vacation in Austin, and I’m officially addicted. This concept planner has calendar pages, blank pages, lined sheets, and even a project section that features check boxes and timelines. For what it’s worth, I also have a Poketo comb. They can do no wrong.

First Aid Beauty Ingrown Hair Pads

Summer’s here and we are hacking away at our body hair nonstop. Anyone who shaves any part of their body knows the struggle that comes with aftercare. There’s never enough aftercare and there surely isn’t enough education about how to get a smooth shave with no ingrowns.

Men and women alike can benefit from using these First Aid Ingrown Hair Pads because they’re quick and easy, but work immediately. They contain BHA and AHA which are great exfoliants that are indeed gentle. Whether you’re shaving your face, legs, or bikini area, you know how angry your skin can get.

These pads are perfect for your bathroom shelves or while traveling. Simply swipe one over the shaved area and your skin will be smooth as a baby. I use these legit everywhere on my body to combat ingrown hairs and bumps and have since plugged them to everyone I know - and those on the beach who need some trimming.

Tancho High Grade Tique Vegetable Pomade

The product that launched a thousand TikToks. Tancho’s endorsed by prototypical clean girl Hailey Bieber whose latest beauty line, Rhode Skin, is keeping the TikTok clean girl beauty trend alive. This all-natural hair pomade is a cure-all for flyaways and hard-to-tame edges. I’ve been waiting to give this niche hair stick a try and there’s no better time than now.

Bolden Overnight Spot Treatment | Fast Acting Acne Treatment with Sulfur

Bolden’s overnight treatment promises it’s bye-bye to dark spots. Sulfur is known to dry out those pimples and clears dark spots overtime. It’s been the object of my longing and on Prime Day, it will finally be mine.

BYCHARI Sade Hoops

Inspired by the Queen herself, these Sade Hoops are an elegant blend of vintage and moderne. They recall the styles of the 90s while feeling trendy enough to make you a verifiable Clean Girl for an effortlessly cool look. All this to say: yes. I will be shopping them on Prime Day. And, yes. I will be wearing them all summer long.

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