What’s The Best Dog Food Brand?

Our editors tested the top dog food brands, here's what we found...

Dogs are our best friends, so it's only fair we treat them wonderfully, starting with their food. Some owners take the natural, homemade dog food route, some the million-pound Costco bag, and others the bag with the cutest dog on it.

We all aim to provide our dog the best meals and nutrition, but how can you identify the best option? We decided to dig into popular dry dog food brands to see for ourselves which one comes out on top.

We started our research at Chewy with their dry food options and decided to compare Purina, Blue Buffalo, Taste of The Wild, and American Journey. We'd also heard a lot about Spot & Tango, a newer, personalized dog food subscription brand, so we threw them into the mix, too!

Key Similarities

  • All meet standards of the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO)
  • All have food for dogs of every age
  • All offer grain-free options

Key Differences

  • Spot & Tango offers a completely customized plan
  • Spot & Tango uses only whole, human-grade food
  • Spot & Tango is vet-formulated
  • Purina has been recalled

Spot & Tango Overview

When we first spotted Spot & Tango and their fresh, human-grade meals, we thought, no - not another homemade dog food brand! There are many potential risks with homemade dog food recipes. You can include wrong ingredients which spoil more readily, but the most common pitfall is a lack of the key nutrients dogs need which leads to an unbalanced diet.

Luckily, Spot & Tango isn't that at all. Their dry dog food, UnKibble, is unlike any other brand's kibble. Their recipes are made with 100% human-grade ingredients and are GMO, hormone, and preservative-free. You get the freshness of homemade dog food, while being confident that your dog's receiving their full dietary requirements.

UnKibble offers flavors like Beef & Barley, Chicken & Brown Rice, and Cod & Salmon so there's a fresh flavor for every dog's taste.

Signing up for Spot & Tango and their personalized dog food is beyond simple. Simply take a quiz about your dog's age and breed, and Spot & Tango will provide the best option for your pup. You can control your rate of delivery, change plans - and the best part - say goodbye to lugging that awkward 20 lb bag of dog food to your car.

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Purina Overview

Purina has been around for ages and has a surplus of options for all kinds of dogs. At first glance we loved it. But quickly got bogged down in endless choices, scrolling for what seemed like hours to reach the bottom of the website.

Before ingredients are entered into their dry food formula, Purina traces them back to the source. Then the ingredients must pass several quality checks along the way. Even with the myriad of quality checks their food goes through, their dog food has had several recalls, the most recent in 2016.

American Journey Overview

American Journey is exclusively made for and distributed by Chewy. They don't include any grain, wheat, corn, or soy in any of their products, so it accommodates dogs with stomach and skin sensitivities.

They offer four recipes all paired with sweet potato and you can decide between real, deboned meat like chicken, beef, salmon, or lamb.

Blue Buffalo Overview

Blue Buffalo provides natural dog food for dogs at every age. Within each age range - puppy, adult, or senior - they'll recommend a few that will suit your dog.

Their best-seller, the Life Protection Formula, has no corn, wheat, or soy, and doesn't contain any by-products or artificial preservatives.

Similar to Purina, they had so many options it was dizzying. We weren't sure where to start or how to know what our dog needed specifically.

Taste of The Wild Overview

Taste of The Wild focuses on your dog's ancestral diet. Honing in on major proteins, they feature bison, smoked salmon, roasted duck, and wild boar.

They offer two kinds of dog food; their PREY line, based on protein sources of your dog's native diet, and their classic Taste of The Wild line which is based on a contemporary diet.


Shockingly the vote was unanimous for once, and we're going with Spot & Tango as the top dry dog food! To start, they're backed by veterinarians and the customized plan is ridiculously convenient. We feel like Spot & Tango really know our dogs now and precisely what they need.

What truly blew us away is how Spot & Tango's recipes are made with human-grade ingredients. They only use whole foods, pack their recipes with maximum nutrition, and, most importantly, they have no recalls.

We've finally found the freshest, healthiest dry dog food, and can add some time back in our day. More time to play with our pups!

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