The Best Decision I Made For My Kitten Was PrettyLitter

The Best Decision I Made For My Kitten Was PrettyLitter

I'm excited to have finally moved out of my family home, but I always knew I would miss having a pet at home with me. I love my family cat Casper, he always brightens my day. But my mom used to always get angry that myself and my brother never dealt with his litter box.

I have to say, litter would almost put me off getting another cat. I used to hate the smell and the mess it made. Casper's litter would somehow get scattered around the house, leaving clay pawprints everywhere. But I felt like there was something missing in my apartment without a pet.

So, when my friend Kate's cat had kittens, and they needed homes, I knew I had to take one. I wanted my new kitten, Sally, to start off on the right foot in her new home, so I got advice from Kate about the litter, and she told me she uses PrettyLitter.

She said she'd been using it for years and her cat loves it. It's a subscription, so she gets it delivered to her door every month for just $22 – I liked the idea of not having to lug a bag of cat litter home from the store all the time. Plus, this was better value than anything I saw in the store.

All of this sounded great, but I still dreaded the thought of changing a cat's smelly litter tray all the time. I checked out the PrettyLitter site and it turns out that one bag typically lasts the whole month without being changed – this is because of their highly absorbent formula, that absorbs odor too. This part I was particularly skeptical of, knowing the smell that came from Casper's litter box.

I read about this cool feature PrettyLitter has, where it changes color to detect a potential health issue. Deep green-blue litter could signify a urinary tract infection. Orange may indicate kidney tubular acidosis. And red indicates blood in the urine - a possible bladder inflammation, or bladder stones. Now that I was fully responsible for this new kitten, I wanted to avoid any health problems as much as I could, and this feature would ease some of my worry - knowing that I could catch these things early.

Kate said it's the least messy litter she's tried, and that the kittens got used to it quickly. Plus, they have a 30-day risk-free guarantee if I wasn't satisfied, so after I took Sally in, I decided to take the plunge and order some.

The first delivery came in just a few days and I was so excited to get rid of the messy clay litter - Sally had had a few accidents in my apartment before and I had a feeling she didn't like the clay litter I was using.

The first thing I noticed with PrettyLitter is that it was definitely less messy and a lot easier to maintain. Throughout the first month, Sally had way less accidents in the apartment than before, I could tell Sally preferred PrettyLitter. Plus, it really did last the whole month without having to be changed! I was super surprised that this litter was a lot less smelly, too.

Being a new cat mom is a lot of responsibility, but PrettyLitter's subscription service has definitely made it easier for so many reasons. The convenience of not having to go to the store or remember to buy it is great, plus the fact it lasts the entire month! And the feature that detects health issues is comforting.

I'd recommend PrettyLitter to any new cat mom, or any cat mom who wants a low maintenance and super convenient cat litter.

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