The Best App For Nostalgic Millennials

The Best App For Nostalgic Millennials

It's the phenomenon that's rocked the past couple of days. You all know what we're talking about. Pokémon GO.

For those of you that need a catch-up on how cool it is, here you go.

Remember Charizard and Pikachu? Pokémon was a franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri in 1995. Now, Tajiri's creations are back and better than ever, taking the streets of Planet Earth. And it's your job to catch them.

Download the free app and create your Avatar. Then get out and go! The game uses augmented reality to superimpose Pokémon onto your city streets. Every time there's a Pokémon nearby, your phone vibrates and you have to throw your Pokéball to try to capture them. But careful, these little guys are quick! Also, you'll want to make sure to keep aware of your surroundings and not bump into people or jut into oncoming traffic. The better you do, the more powerful Pokémon you can add to your Pokedex.

It's a great app to get you out the door and on the hunt for your favorite creatures of the past. It brings communities together, and gives you the best of both worlds -- gaming and taking in the fresh air at the same time. Download it today and catch 'em all.

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