Five Fragrant Finds to Keep Your Dwelling Smelling Fresh

Five Fragrant Finds to Keep Your Dwelling Smelling Fresh

Bye bye bad air.

Walking into a home that smells less than terrific makes "mi casa, su casa," an easy offer to pass up. Put an end to those evil odors with a simple solution that will turn rancid into refreshing. These five finds are a nose's best friend:

Bad Air Sponge

Bad Air Sponge my-live-02.slatic.net

Get a jar of Bad Air Sponge and stenches and stinks will get sucked right up. It's like a cleaning crew in a cup.This ingenious gel, which is activated with charcoal, sponges up your home's most unpleasant odors and leaves it smelling neutral.

J.R. Watkins Room Freshener

J.R. Watkinspics.drugstore.com

Spritz away the stink with J.R. Watkins Room Freshener. Choose from lemon, lavender, aloe, and green tea for a natural scent that's long-lasting and revitalizing. A little goes a long way when airing out a room. You'll feel good using J.R. Watkins thanks to its cruelty-free formula and production.

Citrus Magic

Citrus Magicimages-na.ssl-images-amazon.com

If you can't stand a stinky space, slap a Citrus Magic solid air freshener anywhere your home can use a little help. Either pure linen or fresh citrus will liven up your living room and breathe new life into your bedroom. From the smallest storage spaces to elaborate entryways, Citrus Magic makes odor disappear.

Wood-Tone Mister & Fragrance Diffuser from Pier 1

Pier 1 Diffuser https://www.pier1.com

Relaxing, oil-based scents will waft through the air, providing up to 12 hours of olfactory heaven. Simply pick up your favorite fragrance oil from Pier 1 and insert it into the diffuser. Scents like ginger peach, patchouli, pumpkin spice, amber musk, blackberry sangria, and sugared cinnamon will elevate the air and make every breath a billion times more bearable.

Molton Brown London Scented Candles

Molton Brown www.moltonbrown.com

High-end and high-class, these long-burning candles are pure luxury – beautifully designed and made to mask even the most offensive odors. Options such as coco & sandalwood, orange & bergamot, Russian leather, black peppercorn, and ylang-ylang are not your run-of-the-mill candle scents, but Molton Brown London isn't your average brand. Your home-sweet-home deserves nothing less.

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