The 5 best channels to help you see if you experience Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

The 5 best channels to help you see if you experience Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

ASMR videos are sweeping Youtube. Are you one of the lucky many who can benefit from them?

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and what is means, in simple terms, is that certain sounds or sights will "feel good." So even though someone isn't touching you, a combination of the right triggers might make you feel tingles on your scalp that travel down your neck and spine and sometimes even through your limbs. Wikipedia explains it as "low grade euphoria" and "a combination of positive feelings and a distinct static-like tingling sensation on the skin." There are hundreds if not thousands of ASMR videos on Youtube, many of which have millions of views, and people watch these videos for all sorts of reasons from relaxing during the workday to getting to sleep at night.

Source: Wikipedia CommonsThis diagram shows the common path of ASMR tingles

So do do you experience ASMR? If you never have or you're not sure, that's no indication that you can't. It may be something you've been unaware of or never really thought about before. Do you feel a certain relaxation when you're in a hair salon, listening to the snip, snip, snip of the scissors, or, when you have a cold, does the doctor's close to you make you feel calm? Then you may be the perfect candidate to experience autonomous sensory meridian response!

Here, I'll outline 5 of the best channels to try out in order to get you started on your ASMR journey. Before we begin, though, there is a certain way to enjoy these videos to help give you the best ASMR experience. When you find a channel or video to give a try, first you should make sure all background noises are to a minimum and you can hear the video loud and clear. You also need to give the videos your full attention. You can't get the full effect of ASMR while also texting or browsing Facbeook. Second, headphones are encouraged for the full effect-- some videos have sounds that "move" to your sides and behind you (which can feel amazing), and at the very least, they'll make sure you can hear all the sounds clearly. Make the video full screen, whether on your computer or phone, and stay focused while you listen and watch with an open mind. After following these steps, enjoy your new state of relaxation and/or tingles!

Gentle Whispering

Gentle Whispering ASMR has been around for a long time. Her videos are some of the best because they are often more straightforward in that they get right to the point and start making those tingles happen from the first moment. I think this one is a good one to close your eyes to and just listen and let the tingles come flooding in. Soem of her videos are better enjoyed with your eyes, open, though. Her personal attention videos are amazing, and the visual triggers can be very effective. This one has been viewed more than ten million times!

Heather Feather

This channel is one of the best for its role plays. I often use ASMR to help me go to sleep (in fact, it's helped my insomnia and left me feeling better rested in the mornings than any of the medicines I used to take), and this channel's role plays make me feel like I'm being told a bedtime story while also experiencing the heavenly effects of ASMR tingles. This particular video features kind, encouraging words and can help you relax after a bad day. Heather Feather has a ton of other great role plays on her channel, including ones with cool costumes and inventive concepts. I highly recommend checking out her other videos if you liked this one, and if you're short on time, her Tingle Blitz playlist is a good go-to for ASMR à la carte that can be consumed for a quick fix.

Nite Shift

There is a disproportionately low number of men in the ASMR game, but Nite Shift ASMR is out there representing and making some really great, tingly content. He is one of the best ASMR guys our there, and though his videos often start with a bit of a spooky vibe, the content is pretty standard (meaning no scariness!) and very effective. His deep voice is relaxing, and In this ear massage video, if you've got your headphones in, it should sound and feel like he's rubbing your ears, which can produce some serious tingles!


This video is another one that you can close your eyes to if you prefer. As with all the videos, headphones are strongly recommended because it will feel as if she is actually touching your head and running her fingers through your hair. ASMR Glow's channel is one of the best because her look is very dynamic and her videos are insanely effective. If you like this one, also has some really great role plays I can't recommend enough!

ASMR Magic

This channel is great for anyone who wants all the tingles without all the talking. ASMR Magic is one of the best ASMR channels overall, and possibly the best channel that doesn't have dialogue. The props she uses, like the umbrella in the above video, can really get the tingles going, and she has some other videos, like this one, where she puts a sponge or foam or other material on the mic, and the effect is heavenly. Instant tingles achieved!

These channels are the best way to get started in the world of ASMR. The way these ASMRtists can make you feel relaxed and comfortable without even being in the room is truly remarkable. I highly recommend them for relaxing during the day or even to be lulled into sleep at night. No matter the setting, if you can block out the surrounding world, put in your headphones, and give these videos your attention, their calming effects should take over and instantly transport you to a better place. So what are you waiting for?

Give these five ASMR channels a try to experience relaxation and tingles like never before!

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