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Tend Is Revolutionizing The Dental Experience

The dentist just got fun.

Or, at the very least, less awful. For decades, every dentist experience has been exactly the same; ugly carpeting, front teeth sensitivity, outdated magazines, bloody gums, cheap plastic toothbrushes, dentists who say you have cavities when you didn't have any pain…

Dentistry has never been focused on providing an experience outside the actual dental work, until Tend was born. This dental studio is expanding at a rapid rate across the city because patients can't get enough of something that should've existed a long, long time ago.

Tend focuses on providing a comfortable environment for dental work, with iconic suites, next-level professionals, and high-tech instruments.

Here are 5 reasons to switch to Tend:

1. So Many Locations

Tend has locations in high-traffic convenient NYC areas that include Grand Central, Williamsburg, Chelsea, Wall Street, Flatiron, Hudson Square and the Upper West Side. More are on the horizon.

2. Advanced Technology

Nightmares about dentist equipment plague us all. At Tend, they use the pain-minimizing and noise-reducing ones, so the experience is quieter, and less distressing! They actively make every attempt to give you the most pleasant experience.

3. They Won't Upsell You

One reason the dental professionals at Tend will try to make your appointment comfortable is because they're compensated based on if you decide to book again - not by how much work you need. Other dental offices will upsell you on expensive procedures that may be premature or unnecessary, just to pad their pockets. Tend's staff payment model only benefits you.

4. They Take Most Insurance

On their website, you can check if you're covered with their drop-down button menu. Pricing is transparent, so you won't be surprised by any out-of-coverage bills. They also offer a full range of dental services that include check-ups, implants, invisible braces, teeth whitening, and veneers, that if aren't covered by insurance, are often offered at a heavily discounted rate!

5. It Feels Like A Spa

Contactless check-in. A room with your name on it. Your own screen with full Netflix access so you can watch Schitt's Creek during your check-up. Professionals trained to never shame patients for their teeth. With Tend, you'll get everything you could ever want from a dentist.

You can stop dreading the dentist and start enjoying your appointments as reprieves from daily life with Tend. Their studios are sparkling clean and sleek, and their professionals are trained not just in the science of dentistry, but in hospitality.

Maybe it's not as good as a midday massage break, but who knows? Tend is making a very necessary part of life a whole lot nicer. Try it for yourself.

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