What Real Customers Are Saying About Breezy Braces

What Real Customers Are Saying About Breezy Braces

The new year is upon us (finally) and it's a great time to start making some positive changes in your life. It's a clean slate, but instead of making some lofty resolution that you'll break before January is even over, why not focus your attention on making a meaningful change?

If your smile is something you've always wanted to improve, but you've never wanted to embark on a lengthy, expensive treatment plan, then we've got good news!

Breezy Braces, available exclusively in NYC from Tend, are changing the game when it comes to teeth alignment with their fair pricing and seamless patient experience.

Breezy Braces are made from shape-memory wire, a NASA-developed technology that moves teeth with soft, steady force. The best part? They sit behind your teeth, making them completely invisible! Plus, you'll see results in as little as two weeks!

Right now Tend is offering $250 off, so getting the smile you wanted is even more attainable.

Why are people raving about Breezy Braces? Because the entire process is guided by an expert orthodontist who will be 100% transparent about everything from pricing to timelines. Not to mention how fast you can expect to see results, and how affordable Breezy Braces are compared to other teeth straightening alternatives.

But don't just take our word for it, here's what real customers are saying about Breezy Braces:

"I've had a great experience so far with my Breezy Braces! My two favorite things about Breezy Braces are: 1) I can floss regularly with them on and 2) in just 4 months I already see a HUGE difference in my smile!"-Priscila N

"Breezy Braces have been just that, an actual breeze, after the initial placement it took a little bit of getting used to, but I can't imagine a more convenient orthodontic treatment" - Kenneth V

"My "breezies" are my best-kept secret! The discreteness of Breezy Braces has allowed me to live a normal life without feeling self-conscious about having braces as a young woman!"- Azka Z

"I can honestly say that I am LOVING my Breezy Braces! They are truly invisible, no one has noticed that I have them, (until I tell them because I've been telling EVERYONE!), and my teeth have shifted WAY faster than I expected" Emily S

Breezy Braces are helping people get the smile they've always dreamed of. Once your Breezy Braceshave been fitted, you go back to Tend every few weeks so they can make sure your teeth are straightening as planned. It's as easy as that!

Breezy Braces by Tend are the most convenient and practical way to straighten your teeth. Tend accepts orthodontics insurance and they are always upfront about all your different pricing options. Otherwise, there's a flat rate of $5000* or you can pay for as little as $106/month.*

*You can get $250 off your treatment if you schedule your In-Studio Consult and In-Person Imaging Appointment in January only!

Appointments are filling up fast, so sign up now and save $250!

Finally tackling something that has made you feel insecure for so long can feel daunting, especially something as important as teeth! But thanks to their game-changing technology, expert team and affordable monthly prices (plus that $250 off!) You can feel confident that this is the best decision you will make for myself in a long time.

Book Your Breezy Braces and Get $250 Off

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