Five Tech Gadgets to Help You Sleep

Five Tech Gadgets to Help You Sleep

Achieve the ZZZs...

Sometimes falling asleep is a breeze but some nights–when your eyelids just won't cooperate–it can seem impossible. You're wide awake and the clock ticking relentlessly by your bedside causes you to call in the sheep...1, 2, 3, 4… You know the intrusive alarm will buzz before you know it, and no amount of coffee will help you through that morning meeting if you haven't gotten a wink of sleep. No more worries! With these five tech gadgets designed to help you rest soundly, you'll be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed every morning from now on.

Moon Beam Sleep Aid

Moon Beam Via

When the moon lights the night sky, we all hope to be drifting away towards a dream state. But when insomnia comes calling, slumber loses out every time. The Moon Beam Sleep Aid is simple to use and works wonders to get you those much-needed ZZZs. By pulsing a light onto the bedroom ceiling, a "hypnotic" effect sets it, relaxing your body and mind until you fall asleep. Just set the Moon Beam by your bedside on the nightstand and let the light lull you to sleep.

Cost: $60.00

The Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System

The Nightingale Smart Home Sleep SystemVia

Nighttime noise can be the reason your sleep is often interrupted. Even your own thoughts can make falling asleep near impossible. The Nightingale Smart Home Sleep System works by creating "white noise" which creates a more peaceful and pleasant ambiance. These "sound blankets" make the bedroom more sleep-inducing, with research claiming to "help subjects fall to sleep 38% faster." Use this device with its associated app to schedule and personalize.

Cost: $249.99 (twin pack)

The Bluetooth Snore Detector and Stopper

The Bluetooth Snore DetectorVia

Snoring is a serious sleep-stopper, so stop snoring in its tracks with The Bluetooth Snore Detector and Stopper. Worn comfortably behind the ear, the device can tell when you're snoring by "using bone conduction and sound recognition technologies." As soon as that first snore sounds, the detector will beep and vibrate, alerting the wearer to roll over to put the breaks on the bedtime disruption. Surely any bed mate of a snorer will appreciate this gadget!

Cost: $84.99 (on sale!)

1 Voice Sleep Headphones Eye Mask

1 Voice Via

Comfort and quiet makes the 1 Voice Sleep Headphonesa nighttime necessity for those who have trouble falling or staying asleep. Super-plush and soothing, this memory-foam eye mask doesn't only block any light that's keeping you up, but aids to eliminate ambient noise too. Plug into a smart phone or iPod to listen to a book on tape or some soothing music to help you rest. Two-in-one functioning makes the 1 Voice the only device you'll need for spectacular sleep.

Cost: $29.00 (on sale!)

ZEEQ Smart Pillow


When your head hits the pillow, make it a smart move with ZEEQ Smart Pillow. This multi-functional sleep aid is not only comfortable for your cranium, but it's built with all sorts of sleep-aiding amenities, from sleep analysis functionality to snore-stifling to integration with your smart home system. You can track your sleep patterns, stream music, and control the device via remote. For a review of ZEEQ from our friends at GearBrain, click here.

Cost: $199.99

Sweet dreams!

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