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I Turned To Tasting Room This Holiday Season To Stock Up On Great Wines

It's the holiday season, which means there are endless dinner parties that require a lot of planning and meal prep. My food is always on point - I make the best homemade soup that my nieces and nephews can't get enough of. But the one thing I always stress about this time of year... is wine.

Unlike the rest of my family, I'm no wine buff, so I find it hard to keep up with them – particularly my well-traveled brother. Every holiday season, I feel like I have to outdo my bottles from the previous year.

So needless to say, I find myself going to my local liquor store and buying the expensive bottles there - I figured if it's expensive, it must be good. But last year, I spent $100 on two bottles only for my brother to say that he's tried them before, and they're "not his favorite."

I don't have time to read up on all these wines, and I definitely don't have the budget to try them all either. There had to be a better way of finding nice, rare wines for a more affordable price. I decided to do some research online when I came across Tasting Room by Lot18.

I'd heard about wine clubs before, and they never seemed necessary since I'm no wine connoisseur. But the deeper I looked, the more I realized this could be the solution I was looking for. When looking at the Tasting Room site, there's a 3-question quiz about my fruit, coffee, and chocolate preferences. Most wine clubs base their quiz questions around wine, which I'm no expert in. But these were questions I could easily answer.

Based on the answers, they'd send a wine tasting kit that matched my particular tastes. It contains six small bottles of wine for only $6.95. I was skeptical when I saw how affordable it is, and I figured the wines probably wouldn't be that good. But I thought I'd try it out anyway since it was so affordable.

A few days later, I received a six-bottle mini tasting kit to my doorstep. The interactive tasting is so helpful, and I loved it. I got to sit down at my laptop, taste each bottle, and pit them against each other by rating each bottle. I was surprised when all of the bottles tasted so good - Definitely an upgrade from the store-bought wines I usually go for. After finishing the tasting, a wine profile is created for you. The online profile is a guide that has a list of wine recommendations, region recommendations, and foods they pair well with.

Next, they ship a case of different wines based on my profile for about $12 per bottle - much better value than buying those expensive bottles in the liquor store, that doesn't taste nearly as good. This was such a relief – I had a classy bottle for every party I had to attend.

Every Thanksgiving, we go to my brother's house for dinner, and I brought my Garnacha-Syrah, a deep red, and it went down a treat! My brother and sister-in-law were so impressed with it. After that success, I was excited to see the reactions to my wine at my annual dinner party the next month.

Now that I'm subscribed to Tasting Room, I feel confident that I'll have a nice wine for every kind of party I attend or host throughout the year. Plus, I'll always have something to look forward to after a rough week.

Not having to worry about searching for a nice wine, or having to put out a big budget for wine, meant I could spend more time on food. I made pudding for the first time this year at my dinner party, and it went down an absolute treat - The Pinot Gris I got from Tasting Room did, too.

I'd recommend Tasting Roomto anyone who wants to find nice wines, at an affordable price, but doesn't know where to look.

This holiday season, the folks at Tasting Room are extending a special offer to our customers. Follow this link to get your wine tasting kit for only $6.95 (originally $39.95)!

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