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Since we haven't been going out much recently, our editors explored several at-home wine options to have with dinner, or while winding down. And what better way than to sample some of the top wine delivery services out there?

Lately, people want everything delivered to their doorstep. Actually, receiving a box of wine every month sounded like a dream. So we did our research, and it turns out there are tons of wine services out there. But the main contenders that kept popping up were: Tasting Room by Lot18, Winc, and NakedWines.

We decided to try all three. Here's what we discovered:

Tasting Room by Lot18

When signing up for Tasting Room, you take a 30 second quiz which asks fun questions about the kind of chocolate you like, your favorite fruits, and how you prefer your coffee. Then they send their tasting kit for just $9.95! The kit contains six mini-bottles of different wines depending on your quiz answers.

After you sample each wine and rate how you like it, Tasting Room builds your personalized wine profile. Based on your taste and chosen schedule, they send full-size, personalized shipments that you'll continue to rate as you go. You choose how many bottles you'd like - reds, whites, or a combination of the two - starting at $7 per bottle. You can preview your order before shipment and replace or remove any bottle as you wish.

Tasting Room
Interactive At-Home Tasting
Wine Delivered To Your Door
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Winc also has a quiz when you sign up. They ask similar questions, such as how you like your coffee and if you like salt, citrus, mushrooms, and berries. Based on your answers, they'll send 4 bottles a month, costing $13 per bottle. If you wish you can add more bottles to your monthly orders and rate your wines so Winc continues sending bottles that suit your palate.

Winc's Insider Access Membership costs $59.95 per month and is redeemable as member credits, which can be used to purchase Winc items. You can skip as many months as you need.


NakedWines has no personalized profile or quiz. As a member, you invest $40 every month into your Naked Wines' "piggy bank" which can be used on individual wine orders whenever you please. NakedWines uses their virtual piggy bank to invest in its winemakers. It's not a wine subscription - simply buy wine directly from the site, but at a better value. NakedWines includes extra wine samples in their deliveries. There are other perks like invites to wine tastings and a free $20 bottle with every case of wine ordered.

⭐The Winner⭐

Overall, we found Tasting Room the best wine delivery service. Its subscription service is accessible to anyone - from wine nerds, to complete beginners. NakedWines is definitely more suited to wine buffs who know their taste, as it's up to you to know what wines to order. Some of us were disappointed with some of our bottles from NakedWines.

Although Winc's subscription service is good, it's not as personalized as Tasting Room. We put this down to Tasting Room's tasting kit and the opportunity to continuously rate bottles as you go. Plus, Tasting Room is slightly more flexible in that you can remove or add bottes to your shipment. Not to mention, between the tasting kit and cost per bottle in each shipment, Tasting Room is the best value by far.

We enjoyed all the bottles in our Tasting Room shipment, which, unfortunately, we could not say for Winc and NakedWines. To anyone who is staying in these days and wants to try the convenience of a personalized wine delivery service, we recommend Tasting Room. To join their club, you'll pay $9.95 for your six-bottle tasting kit, and after rating them they'll send you your first case of wine tailored to match your tastes for $13/bottle.

Follow this link to get your wine tasting kit for only $9.95 (that's $33 in savings)!

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