4 Reasons You Should Be Buying Your Wine Online

Joining Tasting Room Will Help You Become A Wine Expert

Anyone else out there love wine, but feel a little out of depth when it comes to "wine culture"? Well, all that is changing. A once pretentious and exclusive wine industry has shifted, embracing a younger generation that doesn't just want to just brag about their wine, but wants to enjoy it. Online wine clubs like Tasting Room are using technology to provide a new age of wine lovers with a fun, accessible, and casual experience that's tailored to your tastes and preferences—and it's totally changing the game.

The most exciting innovations in the wine world are happening online, and here's why it's catching on.

1. Your wines are tailored to your tastes

Think of buying wine online as you think about watching TV. You like to unwind watching whatever Netflix recommends with a generous glass of wine. Like Netflix, Tasting Room uses technology to make informed recommendations for you based on what you already like. Don't know a Malbec from a Pinot? Want to try something new but don't know where to start? You don't need to have a refined understanding of wine to be a member of the Tasting Room.

Once you sign up, you'll take a short quiz about your taste preferences. From there, 6 mini bottles are selected for you to try, based on your answers. They'll also send you 6 of their top-rated, full-sized bottles to try so that you can rate all 12. This gives their experts a better understanding of the types of wines you enjoy so that every shipment they send you will only include bottles they know you'll love. Tasting Room will continue to update your personalized wine profile every time you receive and rate a new shipment. Meaning your section will evolve as your palette does.

Two people drinking wine infront of a fire

2. You'll become a wine expert

You won't need to look to others to recommend wines for you; your taste buds will give Tasting Room's curators all they need to pick your wine. You can check out your wine profile for recommendations, whether you're looking to try new wines or navigating a wine list. Since your profile also provides you with regions where you're likely to find preferred wine at a great value, you can use Tasting Room to determine which wines to try when you travel. You'll develop a more refined palate, learn how to pair wine to elevate any dining experience, and know whether you prefer earthy reds from Italy or zingy whites from Spain.

3. You get more variety

Sick of seeing the same wines everywhere you go or being told that what you're looking for is out of stock? Oftentimes it's easier just to grab what looks familiar to you, rather than branch out and try something new. Tasting Room exposes you to a wide variety of wines from their partnering vineyards all over the world, from Napa Valley to South Africa, New Zealand, and more, that you might not come across all in one store. Plus, with virtual "shelves" and their own bottling facilities, Tasting Room won't ask you to settle on the same old boring bottle. You'll try wines you know you'll love from a variety of vineyards and blends.

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4. It's completely affordable

Tasting Room cuts out the middleman by working directly with wineries, so they can pass along the savings to you. If you get a bottle that's not to your taste, Tasting Room will replace it or issue a credit, and should you want to cancel, you can do so at any time.

Think this might be up your alley? Check out Tasting Room and see for yourself why it's time to join the club, and start buying your wine online.

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