5 Reasons I Recommend Talkspace

5 Reasons I Recommend Talkspace

It's no secret that the last few months have been hard for a lot of people if not everyone. Slowly the days of not feeling myself become more frequent and then it snowballed into me not being able to understand or really control my emotions and feelings.

I read loads online and bought some books on anxiety and mental health. They helped but I felt I needed something more. I opened up to my friend and she told me she was using Talkspace, online counseling and therapy sessions.

I'm so awkward on video calls with my friends so I would be a disaster talking to anyone else. And I didn't know who I would be talking to, if they were even qualified to help me. Not to mention therapy is expensive, always out of my price range.

She told me she felt the same but she gave Talkspace a chance. She found a therapist that is her perfect match who is helping her work through everything.

I decided to check Talkspace out and here's what I found;

Talkspace understands finding the right therapist is the key to helping better mental health so they work with you to find your match after you answer a short quiz on their site. You can swap and change if you still think it isn't your perfect match.

All of Talkspaces therapists are licensed, verified and background-checked. They even go through extra training to ensure that they're experts in providing remote support.

You have access to your therapist 5 days a week. There's also unlimited messaging therapy - including audio, video, and text messages - via their website or the Talkspace mobile app. And Live, real-time voice, and video sessions can be scheduled. No wait times or travel, here whenever you need it.

It's affordable, Talkspace'splans range from $65 to $100 per week - significantly less than traditional therapy. Plus, they are offering $80 off when you sign up today

Talkspaces entire platform is HIPAA-compliant and respectful of all client data. All users have secure, password-protected access to their own private therapy room that only their therapist sees.

It's clinically proven, Talkspace provides evidence-based clinical outcomes that make a real difference in the lives of the 2 million+ users.

After looking at TalkspaceI thought it was worth a try. I signed up telling them how I felt and the issues I wanted to address. I then received three recommended therapists based on my information, which I could check out on the site before choosing. Once I choose I could start chatting and even schedule a call with them that day.

Starting was daunting but it was the first push I needed to start getting my mental health back to a positive place. And thanks to Talkspace, after only a few sessions I can already feel the difference.

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