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How Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps Uses Talkspace

It's no secret the pandemic's had a drastic effect on the nation's mental health. Depression and anxiety are widespread. Even fame and achievement are no safeguards. Just ask Michael Phelps, the swim king who competed in five Olympics.

With 28 gold medals and a place in the history books, you'd think he'd be the last person to experience mental health issues. But no. There have been times when depression has taken a heavy toll on his personal and professional life. "Win or lose, I felt a dramatic emptiness," Phelps says in the recent HBO documentary The Weight of Gold.

Often the simple act of acknowledging something is wrong is the first step to addressing a problem. Phelps took this step and bravely spoke up which has helped diminish the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Phelps is now a proud ambassador of Talkspace, an online therapy platform that is helping people take control of their mental health once and for all.

Talkspace connects people with licensed therapists and counselors for therapy sessions. Anyone with a computer or phone can have immediate access to exceptional therapy.

It's easy to use - simply start by taking a brief quiz about your general mood and concerns. Talkspace will then recommend 3 potential therapists based on your responses.

Once you've made your choice, your therapist will help you identify specific issues to focus on so that you can build stronger coping mechanisms. All Talkspace therapists are uniquely trained for the online space, carefully vetted, and possess on average 9 years' experience as professional mental health care providers.

Talkspace offers more flexible alternative times beyond the typical 9-5 working week. With ongoing 24/7 access to therapists, you can reach out whenever you need. As a subscriber, you'll have unlimited text, real-time video sessions, and audio-messaging. Message from your desktop or the Talkspace app, and you're guaranteed a response 5 days a week.

The service is extremely flexible. You can seamlessly switch therapists if you want, at no extra cost. Talkspace's accessibility makes therapy much less daunting. There are no appointments or commuting needed - you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

Even better, Talkspace works with employers and health plans to help make therapy accessible. No hidden fees. You can cancel at any time.

Since his official retirement from the world of sports, Michael Phelps has become a leading advocate for mental health awareness, partnering with Talkspace to help broaden access to mental healthcare and bring therapy to all.

"Therapy helped save my life," Michael Phelps says about Talkspace, "and it can help you."

Take it from someone who knows. When you need to talk . . . there's Talkspace.

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