Surprising Uses for a Vacuum Sealer

Surprising Uses for a Vacuum Sealer

An educated consumer knows that the best buys are ones you can use in different ways. Some of our favorite utility players include clear nail polish, duct tape, and coconut oil. But now, we have another candidate for the hall of fame, and it's probably already in your kitchen. There are so many surprising uses for a vacuum sealer that you might need one in every room.

Vacuum sealers would still be an excellent investment if all they did was freeze food. They take up less storage, prevent mold and bacteria, extend shelf life, stop freezer burn, and make it easy to see everything at a glance. But why stop there? Vacuum sealers are masters of multitasking.

Phone Protection

Tired of getting sandy and splashed at the beach? Vacuum seal your phone for the day. You won't mind if it gets wet, and you can still use the touch screen and buttons through the seal.

Comforter Storage

You never know when you'll need that extra comforter, but closet space is at a premium, and dust lurks everywhere. Use large bags to keep everything clean and use less space.

Party Cleanup

After entertaining, you want to get extra food out of the house—but not your dishes. You could package up leftovers for guests with your own containers and hope they come back to you one day. Or you could use portion-sized, vacuum-sealed bags that won't spill in your guests' cars on the way home.

Care Packages

We put a lot of effort into packages, but we don't see what they look like when they get there. With a vacuum sealer, you can thwart water damage, isolate items so they won't jostle, and preserve food. Best of all, you'll save space so that you can use a smaller box with less postage.

Marinating Fish

Vacuum sealing your own catch of the day with a marinade and herbs concentrates all that taste inside. Taking the air out of the equation seems to intensify the flavor. Bonus: It also keeps the smell from permeating your refrigerator and kitchen until you're ready to cook.

Silver Jewelry

We buy silver jewelry when it's sparkling and bright, but silver's greatest enemy is air—and let's face it, air is winning. To prevent tarnish and the nasty process of removing it, store your jewelry in vacuum packs between wears.

Important Documents

Paper is delicate. It rips, smears, and deteriorates until you can't read it anymore. Storing them in vacuum-sealed pouches offers more protection than a folder, so you can tote them around without damaging the documents. It even makes them waterproof without the permanence of lamination.

Packing Toiletries

Sealing your bottles and tubes will prevent that sinking feeling when you open up your suitcase to find everything covered in conditioner. You'll probably come up with even more surprising uses for a vacuum sealer while you're on vacation, but don't be tempted to pack the whole thing. You'll just have to wing it on the way home.

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