Give Thanks To Your Dogs With This Thanksgiving Feast

dog sniffing a Super Chewer by BARK box

Do your dogs know Thanksgiving's in the air? Of course they do with that splendid snout. This November,Super Chewerfrom the makers of BarkBox is celebrating your pup's supreme sniffer with the Thanksniffing toy box.

It's a whoooole Thanksgiving dinner, from turkey to squash, in toy form. That's right, every toy is based on a Thanksgiving staple and scented like food for an extra hit of fun! Start off your subscription box of treats and toys made especially for tough chewers with this jolly package.

Here's the meal-in-a-box:


  • Deep Roots Carrot (almond scent)
  • Husky Corn (cream scent)


  • Smash Potato (bacon scent)
  • Turkey Day Drumstick (chicken scent)
  • Makin' Bacon Asparagus (bacon scent)


  • Whistle Treat Apple (apple scent)
  • Cran Burly Sauce (apple scent)
  • Can't Squash This (vanilla scent)

And that's all before they get to put those chompers to the real test. Every box comes with treats and this is a triple-stuffed Thanksgiving that'll mistake your Bingo for a butterball.

Triple Stuffed Treats:

  • Turducken (turkey, duck, chicken)
  • Sweet Borkato (beef, pork, sweet potato)
  • Turchickmon (chicken, turkey, salmon)

The more, the merrier - a subscription to Super Chewer means a brand new box of toys, chews, and treats to your door every month for as little as $29 a month. When you sign up, your first box ships immediately. Every box has a theme, so if your dog is really a ham, you'll have plenty of new pics for the 'gram.

UPDATE: This week only - Get your power chewer their first Super Chewer box for $5!

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