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Get Your Shopping Done Early: Summer Fashion Trends 2024

Now that the 2024 Met Gala is over and my social media has been riddled with vintage couture pieces and interview clips of Law Roach…I can’t stop thinking about clothes. Particularly, the clothes I’m wearing.

As the weather grows warmer, I find myself taking stock of my closet and all the pieces I need for the upcoming season, whether it’s jackets, shoes, or basic tops…and I try to put together outfits in my head of what I already own.

Then there’s a flurry of shopping as well. In this case, I want to be ready for summer 2024 before it starts. I don’t want to have to worry about last-minute shopping…and for me, summer starts Memorial Day Weekend.

If you’re from New Jersey (like me), everyone heads “down the shore” for the season starting MDW. Each Friday after work, people idle in hours of traffic simply to grab a taste of the salt air and sand for a few days. Then, we return to the cities on Sundays for an agonizing week of work. It’s the best.

But, it means I have to be prepared for summer trends early…or it’s too late. So luckily for you, I already know the summer 2024 fashion trends, so get them before they sell out. Here are my findings!

The Return Of The Sundress

Yes ladies, you knew it was coming. After a year of coquette-inspired trends and garden tea party-themed gowns, dresses and skirts are in. Hyper-feminine clothing is all the rage — think: florals, ruffles, lace, and tulle.

Which brings us to one of my favorite warm weather choices: the sundress. Easy to wear, barely feels there, the sundress will keep you cool and trendy this summer. Luckily, with the rise in popularity of athleisure wear, mini dresses are often equipped with built-in biker shorts underneath to prevent chafing or an accidental flash.

If you’re looking for a few staple sundresses for the summer, Free People has some of the premium quality, versatile dresses. Here are my picks:

Tennis-Core — Thanks To Challengers

If you haven’t been online shopping recently, you may have missed that tennis-core is really trending right now. Thanks to Zendaya’s iconic Loewe and Uniqlo looks for Challengers promo, the world wants to dress like Tashi Duncan.

There are countless, smashing athleisure brands out there like lululemon, alo yoga, Under Armour, Nike, and more. Whether you want a popped collar, pleated skort, or merely a thick headband, we’ve got your Tennis-Core needs covered.

Gone Country!

Bella Hadid, this one’s for you, queen. I’ve gone on and on about how Western style is everyone’s favorite trend right now. From cowboy boots, to all denim outfits, to cowboy hats, we all wanna go country.

Ever since trendsetter Bella Hadid started dating her rockstar rodeo boyfriend, her style emphasizes big belt buckles, flared fitted denim, and straw cowboy hats. The country phenomenon is here to stay, so hop on while you can.

It’s All About Contrast

One of my favorite upcoming trends is the revival of color blocking. Whether it’s black with white trim, or white with black trim, or pink with orange trim…the point is simple: the clothing item is predominantly one color, with a trim or blocking of a contrasting color.

Here are a few colorblocked pieces that I’m loving this summer:

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