8 Subscription Services to Try While Stuck at Home

Go ahead, treat yourself.

Subscription services can be polarizing.

Ultra-convenient but sometimes pricey, the world of subscription services is growing fast. If there's something you could possibly want, from groceries and home goods to toiletries, there's a way to get it regularly shipped to your home.

Now that we've all been (hopefully) stuck in our homes for the last three months, even subscription skeptics might be itching to try something new that they can order from the couch. Below, we've listed eight subscription services that seem like a really good idea right now.


Ritual is a brand dedicated to creating the perfect vitamin for women. Their nausea-free daily supplements are vegan and gluten free, with essential ingredients like iron, Omega-3, and Vitamin B12. They also have prenatal vitamins and an option for women over 50.


Looking for more than just one daily vitamin, but not sure where to start? Care/of will quiz you on your lifestyle and needs and create for you a cocktail of vitamins to keep you at your healthiest. They come in individual, personalized packets (no sorting!) to make taking your vitamins as easy as possible.


Hims is a men's telehealth company aimed at debunking the myth that men can't or shouldn't care for themselves. From hair and skincare to mental health resources, Hims simplifies self-care.


Women's razors get a bad reputation. If you're a woman who shaves and you're tired of the pink tax on wimpy razors, Billie offers $9 starter razor kits that pack a punch, plus a growing selection of squeaky-clean hygiene products.

Hungry Root

Hungry Root finds the happy medium between in-person grocery shopping and mainstream meal subscription kits. Pick a highly-customizable plain and relish in the goodness of nourishing food made incredibly easy.


Some of us have been drinking less since the bars shut down, but others have been needing something strong to get them through quarantine. If you fall in the latter category, Winc makes it simple and safe to try your new favorite wine.


If you're trying to bring the outdoors in, Bouqs is a flower bouquet subscription service that'll make sprucing up your space a breeze. You can change the address between shipments, meaning you can order a bouquet for yourself one month and then send some to a loved one the next.

Splendid Spoon

Splendid Spoon serves up healthy, nutrient-dense meals with plant-based ingredients. If you're not the time to eat breakfast or you tend to regret your lunch decision, Splendid Spoon is a perfect resource for simplified clean eating.

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