It's Time To Upgrade Your Old Wine Glasses

It's Time To Upgrade Your Old Wine Glasses

When we say we love all things wine, we LOVE all things wine. From where to get the best bottle for under $30 to innovative ways to preserve already-opened bottles, we thought we covered it all. That is until one of our newer editors posed a question that sent us down a rabbit hole: what do we know about wine glasses?.

Once we started our deep dive, we stumbled upon Gigi, a line of sophisticated wine glasses by Zwiesel Glas crafted in Germany and inspired by Mid-century modernism, complete with graceful stems and elegant bowls perfect for serving your favorite whites or reds.

You not only get an elegant set of glasses that will impress even the fanciest dinner guests but a set that was specially designed to enhance the flavors of your favorite wines. The size of your glass controls how much air is in contact with the wine, the shape determines how the liquid flows, and the rim's diameter influences how fast the wine lands on your palate. These glasses were made to make your favorite wines even more enjoyable. To add to that, the cocktail coupes makes a great cocktail glass – just imagine the flavorful aperol spritzes, and gin and tonics you can create.

When it comes down to it, we love products that are picture-perfect and functional, and without a doubt that describes each of the Gigi wine glasses.

If you're looking to take your glassware game to the next level, look no further; Gigi glasses will set the mood and create the luxurious wine experience you deserve.

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