Spring Clean Your Life

Spring Clean Your Life

If you've already spent a year cooped up cleaning, we want to focus on the one space you might have overlooked: your wallet.

Why do you still have that REI gift card with 30 cents on it? The subway card for a city you visited for a weekend 4 years ago?

'Tis the season for a wallet spring clean. And if when you're done rifling through old receipts, and there's only 3 cards you actually use, you might want to switch to an Ekster wallet.

They're slim wallets that are cool and sleek. And the best part? You'll never lose them with their Bluetooth tracking feature. So even if you want to keep that Panera card on you at all times (just in case!), you'll never be in danger of losing it.

There's also RFID blocking technology to prevent sneaky card theft. Here are some of the top sellers.

The Parliament Wallet

One of the most popular, this Italian leather wallet comes in 7 different colors (the classics + blush, blue, and green) and features pop-up card access. It's a streamlined, premium version of the bulky leather wallet you used to keep in your back pocket because that's the only place it would fit.

Aluminum Cardholder

If you need to go even sleeker and slimmer, here you go. It holds anywhere from 1-15 cards and bills, and it looks like the future. This aluminum beast is ultra durable and nearly indestructible, making it an affordable lifetime investment.

The Senate Cardholder

Somewhere in between the other two, this slim leather cardholder will make you feel like a bad*ss when you fan out your cards at the bar, the ATM, or even just by yourself (and it looks much cooler than a fidget spinner…).

Breathe new life into your accessories this spring, and if you made a New Year's Resolution to stop losing your sh*t, you can finally follow through with the Tracker Card add-on. Just 3 hours of charge gives you 2 months of use, so if you ever misplace your wallet, you can ring it using your phone. Starting at around $67, it's an affordable luxury, too.

Spring is here, which means out with the old and in with the new. The wallet with over 10,000 5-star reviews should absolutely be on your list.

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