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5 Reasons Why I Love Spot & Tango For My Pup

Dog Moms and Dads can agree: it isn't as easy as everyone thinks! When I got Bailey, my precious Sprocker Spaniel, from my local shelter, there were so many things to think about. Surprisingly, her food was the most difficult part to figure out.

I just picked up the dog food from the pet store where I got all her toys and her bed. It was from a pet store so it should be perfect, right?!

Wrong! Thankfully Bailey is a very picky eater which led me to research what food I should be feeding her. I read loads of different articles about dog health and I was shocked to read that the kibble I was buying at the store was not healthy for Bailey - it was like doggie junk food. It has been shown to contain synthetic vitamins, artificial flavors, and some pretty scary ingredients - feathers, tumors, even roadkill - worse than junk food!

I needed to get her off it immediately and that's how I found Spot & Tango. All the research and development they put into their personalized dog food sounded impressive. I was worried Bailey would turn her nose up to it too but that's exactly what their 2-week trial is for and their Happy Pup Guarantee.

I gave them Bailey's details online, they gave me her personalized recipe and in a few clicks, Bailey's new fresh and unique food was on its way. One month in and here's 5 reasons Bailey and I can't live without Spot & Tango;

Personalized Plan for your dog

Spot & Tango understands every dog is different and so are their needs when it comes to nutrition, so they don't offer a one size fits all approach. Take their quiz to tell them all about your dog from their health requirements to activity level, and from there they design a recipe that will give your dog all the nutrition and calories they need.

Spot & Tango
Personalized Meal Plan For Your Pup!
GMO + Hormone-Free
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High-Quality Ingredients

Spot & Tango is formulated by veterinary nutritionists to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO. They use only 100% fresh, human-grade ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives, fillers, or additives, and are GMO and hormone-free.

Their fresh food recipes are cooked in small batches in a USDA kitchen, which maximizes nutritional integrity. And their UnKibble recipes are not extruded and contain no meat meals or powdered "mystery meats." It is 100% whole ingredients with all the benefits of fresh ingredients just gently dried using Spot & Tango's unique Fresh Dry™ process, which maximizes nutritional integrity.

The Beef & Barley UnKibble contains only Beef, Barley, Flax, Carrots, Green Beans, Beef Liver, Beef Heart, Beets, Cranberries, Rosemary, Kelp, Salt, Mixed Tocopherols (natural source of Vitamin E), Vitamins & Minerals. While the fresh Turkey & Red Quinoa is simply Turkey, Red Quinoa, Spinach, Carrots, Peas, Apple, Egg, and Parsley.

Delivered to your door

No more lugging more than that big sack of food or even worse getting home to realize you forgot to get it!! With Spot & Tango, everything is delivered to your door and when you need it with their flexible subscription.

Perfect for puppies

All of their recipes meet or exceed the standards set by AAFCO's Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life stages. So no matter what age your pup is, Spot & Tango takes everything into account when building your plan. And they can adjust your plan as your puppy grows.

So many options

As mentioned their recipes come in two formats, UnKibble - the only Fresh Dry™ food for dogs and Fresh recipes, whichever one your doggo prefers. Their UnKibble comes in Beef & Barley, and Chicken & Brown Rice. The three Fresh flavors are Turkey & Red Quinoa, Beef & Millet, and Lamb & Brown Rice.

Plus you can add the recommended snacks to your order too like Yam Yums and Chicken Munchies. All the snacks are single ingredient, human-grade treats so you can ensure they are getting the best between meals, too.

I was worried Bailey wouldn't like Spot & Tango but the two-week trial went great. And if it didn't, there's a money-back guarantee! Now she can't get enough of all three of the fresh recipes. She is making so much progress and I've never seen her so excited for dinner time.

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