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Here's How Splendid Spoon Helped Me Work From Home Stress-Free

I'm someone who tries to make good food choices wherever I can - but I'm only human.

I spent years figuring out the perfect diet for me. Normally, I can handle things by smart shopping and eating carefully. But these aren't normal times. JuiceHead - my go-to juice joint - is closed until… whenever. And finding fresh, plant-based foods in my neighborhood is tough these days.

So, I've fallen into my old habits - stress-eating processed junk food high in fats, salt, and refined sugars. On top of that, all the virtual happy hours have turned me into a wino. Throw in the fact that I'm the worst cook - anything microwaveable is my specialty. You see the problem, I need healthy food or I'll lose the dietary balance I've worked so hard to achieve.

I may not be much in the kitchen, but I am a keyboard wizard. I did some serious research into various meal kits and food delivery systems and discovered Splendid Spoon - a subscription service that sends ready-to-eat, plant-based soups, smoothies, and grain bowls straight to your door. You mean I don't have to leave the house and risk a crowded grocery store running low on products? Excellent.

Every Splendid Spoon meal is vegan, gluten-free, GMO-free, and high in protein. Their meals are rich in healthy fats and superfoods like hibiscus, matcha, acai, and turmeric. I was relieved to see that processed sugar is nowhere on the menu because it depresses my immune system, messes with my blood sugar levels and my moods. When I eat happy I stay happy.

Their subscription is so convenient, I simply pick a plan and a week's worth of meals will arrive on my doorstep ready to eat. Plus, the plan is quite super flexible, I can select Splendid Spoon's weekly menu, or choose from 40+ meals to customize my order every week. I'll never get bored.

Meals start at only $9, so I'm saving money, too.

I signed up and waited for my first delivery. When I opened the box I was so impressed. Everything arrived chilled in sealed packs, ready to pop in the fridge. Their soups last up to a month in the freezer. There's absolutely no meal prep. You just microwave the soup and the smoothies are ready to drink.

And talk about taste, variety, and nutritious convenience. Splendid Spoon's meals are absolutely delicious and so filling. Personally, I love the Butternut Turmeric Soup, Moroccan Spiced Buckwheat Bowl. And their Blueberry Coconut Smoothie is yummy. I'll add a few ginger and lemon Wellness Shots to my cart as an immune boost.

Splendid Spoon meals are pre-portioned. No fuss, no muss, no waste. I no longer worry about eating too much or wasting food. My diet's back on track and I feel energized. My biggest problem now is choosing what I'd like for dinner.

If I have to be stuck in the house, at least there are nutrient-rich superfoods in the fridge. With meal planning, delivery, and prep taken care of, grocery store lines are far behind me. My day-to-day life is definitely calmer. Thanks to Splendid Spoon, I'll be eating like normal, until things are normal again.

Update: The folks at Splendid Spoon are extending an exclusive offer to our readers! For a limited time, get $15 OFF the most popular plans!

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