Create a functional workspace in a small apartment

Create a functional workspace in a small apartment

Tired of getting after-hours work done on your couch?

As a freelancer, one of the biggest struggles of living in one of Manhattan's teeny-tiny studio apartments is not having a functional workspace. I'm a big believer in separating your relaxation space from your workspace and in a studio or any small living situation, that can be a challenge. This winter, I made it my personal mission to figure out a better solution than working on my couch or at a local coffee shop.

Work Surface

Step one was figuring out a work surface that could fit in my tiny apartment. In 300-ish square feet, I already had a couch, a bed, a table, kitchen chairs, and a trunk for storage/seating. I saw it this way: I could either go with a multi-purpose piece (i.e. start using my kitchen table for work and figure out a clever way to store my work tools), go with something lateral like a ladder desk. In pouring over Pinterest, I came across this awesome piece that serves as both storage and a desk and is foldable!

Just under $300, I felt that it was a worthy investment for getting the most out of my space. The inside shelves provide me with storage for all of my office supplies and some paperwork and I even hope to double the front as a chalkboard calendar soon! You can check out this product in detail here.

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The Essentials

Printers are always a pain to store because they can be unsightly! I solved this problem by getting the HP Envy since it's sleek and less bulky than most. Instead of overcrowded my workspace with my printer, I opted to put it in the closest so it's hidden. Instead, I used the storage space in my desk for other essentials like a stapler, tape dispenser, and decorative jars for pins, paper clips, and more. I love the rose gold and acrylic trend! Check out this adorable collection at Staples by Insten.

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If you're really starting fresh and purchasing a new computer, I suggest a MacBook Air. I love my Air because I can stash it away easily since it's so thin. Save more storage space by using a calendar that lays flat on your desk. I love this one by Paper Source!

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Lastly, but most importantly, make sure your small space is decorated to motivate and inspire you. Aesthetic is everything when it comes to creating a productive work environment. Try stashing a little bit of your favorite candy in your storage space to reward yourself on a busy work day. My very favorite part of my workspace is my inspiration board. I like to make a new one every six months or so as my goals and aspirations evolve. I use old magazines and books to cut out photos of some of my role models like Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Emma Watson, and Malala Yousefzai. I love searching for power statements and mantras that excite me and including them in my board too. I used a frame from target and pasted a bunch of different motivational sayings and photos to the backing. Check out some of my favorite photos and mantras below!

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