Skims, Spanx, and Honeylove. Who Does Shapewear The Best?

Skims, Spanx, and Honeylove. Who Does Shapewear The Best?

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Have you noticed anyone who's anyone is talking all things shapewear? Yeah, we have too!

Designed to smooth, lift, and support those areas we want to conceal on our bodies, shapewear can be an amazing tool for special occasions or every day. In today's growing market, it can seem like there are so many brands, it gets hard knowing which will be best for the look you're trying to achieve.

With the emergence in shapewear we've seen popping up all over from brands across the world, we wanted to investigate which one should be a girl's go-to.

Right away, we noticed the three biggest contenders: Honeylove, Skims, and Spanx.

Check out what we've uncovered:

Key Similarities

  • All three aim to provide comfort
  • All offer various types of shapewear
  • Each is committed to making women feel sexy

Key Differences

  • Honeylove is hyper-focused on shapewear
  • Skims is influencer-endorsed
  • Honeylove's SoftFlex tech stops shapewear from rolling down
  • Spanx & Skims expand outside of shapewear

Honeylove Overview:

Honeylove believes women deserve garments that are just as comfortable as they are effective — without ever sacrificing style or being exclusive. Honeylove's innovative products, like their waist-snatching and hip-smoothing SuperPower Short, features flexible boning, which will contour your waist, minimize hips and thighs, and provide ultimate support.

This is a shapewear brand for the woman who wants comfortable compression in all the right places without dealing with fabric that rolls down or shapewear that's rough on your spine. With Honeylove's supportive tech, like SoftFlex, every woman can feel confident, supported, and free to be as sexy as she desires.

Take it from us when we say it's clear Honeylove knows what they're doing!

Sculptwear and liftwear collection
High-quality fabrics, comfort, and stylish design
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Spanx Overview:

With a focus on fixing wardrobe woes, Spanx is a brand that knows a thing or two when it comes to shapewear. Their line-up offers style, support, and compression. No need to sacrifice comfort over support with Spanx. You can't deny the way this shapewear helps you tuck everything in under little black dresses.

No longer just a shapewear brand, Spanx has ventured outside of shapewear to offer leggings, underwear, swim, and even a line for men as well. Whether day or night, Spanx can help prepare you for a great time in a head-turning look!

Skims Overview:

With influencers everywhere raving about Skims and their inclusive products, we're sure you've seen an ad while scrolling through your timeline. Like Honeylove and Spanx, Skims was designed with support and comfort at the top of mind. All Skims shapewear help shape your curves with invisible support.

Inclusivity is clearly at the forefront of what they do, which is obvious by the array of various shades (from sand to onyx) of nude that their shapewear comes in.

Final Thoughts

Would you believe that it was hard for us to come to a verdict? All three of these brands are clearly committed to making products that support and help women feel their best.

Skims and Spanx offer stylish and comfortable shapewear.

However, it was Honeylove's SoftFlex structure found in their shapewear that helped them rise to the top of our list! From the sturdy side boning that ensures zero roll down to the X design that perfectly shapes without squeezing, the core features of each of their shapewear pieces were what helped this brand stand out from the rest.

If you're looking for shapewear that sculpts while holding its shape, then checking out Honeylove is a must. Shapewear should move with you and be effortless, which is why we are obsessed with Honeylove's lineup of shapewear that will have every woman loving the way she looks.

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