Too Much Screentime? Here's The Scoop On HOMER

Too Much Screentime? Here's The Scoop On HOMER

Lately, it's been so tough trying to keep the kids entertained and learning from home.

I hate to take the easy route, but sometimes the only way to get anything done around the house is to sit them in front of the TV or hand them the iPad - any mom of young kids knows the struggle.

I never used to feel guilty about it since it was only every once in a while. But recently with the kids being at home all the time that has changed-- their screen time is through the roof.

With reduced school time and the kids being at home more, I wanted to make sure they were still learning and building their confidence. I asked around and a few moms recommended HOMER.

HOMER is an early education program that offers 1,000 interactive lessons and activities across a wide range of subjects like reading, math, social & emotional learning, creativity, and thinking skills for ages 2 through 8. They offer digital learning through their app, as well as hands-on learning with their Activity Kits.

I did more research to see what people were saying and there were tons of glowing reviews. HOMER is created and designed by experts, with PhDs in developmental science and cognitive studies. Plus, HOMER's reading pathway is proven to increase early reading scores by 74%.

The HOMER method is proven, and based on academic research. They take a more holistic approach to children's development by focusing on many different areas that are crucial during the early, formative years.

This all sounded great but I was worried that my kids wouldn't have any interest. Becky is 3 and Jake is 5. All they are interested in is watching cartoons or playing video games. But HOMER offers a 1-month free trial, and the subscription is flexible and can be canceled at any time, so I figured I had nothing to lose.

I signed up for their monthly Digital Only Plan online, which lets me have up to four profiles. The lessons are completely personalized for every child depending on their age, interests, and skill level.

I opened one of the reading lessons from their app for Becky and she was immediately engrossed, as she would be with a regular iPad game. She sat and completed the lesson without a peep. I was pleasantly surprised.

Jake was a bigger concern though since he's a little older, but it was the very same for him. He sat and completed the whole lesson happily. He even let out a "Yesss! I did it!!"

The lessons are extremely interactive, which is why kids love them so much. The fact that they're personalized for each child makes them much more entertaining.

Social and emotional intelligence is something that is not typically taught to children, even though they are such important life skills to have. Not to mention creativity and thinking and processing skills.

The fact that my kids are learning all of this at such a young age is amazing. Before the age of 6 is when 85% of brain development takes place, so it's really best for them to learn during this window of opportunity. The great thing is, it only takes 15 minutes a day of HOMER lessons to make a difference.

Learning is a journey and HOMER lets my kids take it at their own pace. Seeing their confidence grow and grow as the weeks go on is heartwarming. My two have really taken to the personalized material. They are now able to identify some new number and read words that they wouldn't have been capable of before.

After a few months, Jake is learning to take turns and be more empathetic. Becky is flying through the math lessons, recognizing numbers she never knew. Plus, I'm able to get more stuff done myself since I know the HOMER lessons are safe and guilt-free.

Their membership plans are super affordable, starting at just $59.99 for a whole year which is just below $5 a month. If you're a busy parent like me and struggling with the screen time dilemma, I'd highly recommend checking out HOMER.

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