Sit Back and Relax in the Best Massage Chair Under $1,000

Sit Back and Relax in the Best Massage Chair Under $1,000

After a long day, a lot of us like to find something relaxing to de-stress. It could be an exercise class, a trip to the sauna, or cuddling up to something comfortable. The best antidote to all of our stress is the iJoy-2580 Premium Robotic Massage Chair.

First of all, if you don't have the space to move in a monstrous massage chair, this one is compact enough to fit in small apartments. It has three massage programs that focus on either the back, neck and shoulders, or lower back. The techniques such as rolling, kneading, compression and percussion are imitated from professional masseuses.

It also has a cup holder, built-in control panel to adjust your massage settings, and a power outlet so you can charge your phone, e-reader, or whatever else. You can recline the chair and add a massage softening pad for a lighter massage.

The chair is also beautiful and will fit in well with any décor. At $799, it's way less expensive than chairs of comparable quality. We say, it's a winner to turn any home into a spa.

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