5 Reasons To Join The SIJO Sleep Movement

5 Reasons To Join The SIJO Sleep Movement

Finding comfy, high-quality bedding isn’t easy, especially for the Spring and Summer months when things start to warm up.

No one — and we mean no one — enjoys waking up sweaty with the sheets clinging to them.

Our Home and Family editors scoured the internet for innovative bedding but kept seeing the same tired brands — we’re looking at you, Brooklinen, and Parachute — we’d already tried and ditched. Sure, those brands offer gorgeous-looking bedding, but they don’t keep us cool.

But then we discovered SIJO – a performance bedding brand that features ultra-comfy sheets and pillows. They’re made with natural, high-tech materials, so you sleep better.

SIJO has a wide variety of premium bedding collections — but their CLIMA Cooling Tech Collection really caught our eye.

Here are five reasons to switch to SIJO:

1. Temperature regulating

SIJO’s CLIMA Cooling Tech Collection contains a blend of fibers designed to absorb and distribute excess body heat, providing a next-level cool. Something to keep in mind once those hot days roll around.

Couples really love these sheets because they’re adaptive and temperature-regulating. They cool down or warm up for each partner, depending on their individual body temperature.

2. Moisture-wicking

Innovative, moisture-wicking tech ensures sweat is absorbed quickly. Let SIJO take care of those hot flashes, so you’ll no longer stick to the sheets or wake up drenched in sweat. This brilliant tech truly separates SIJO from their competitors.

3. Oeko-Tech 100 certified

All SIJO’s fabric products are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, and the company is the first US-based brand to sell bamboo lyocell fabric. Lyocell involves a closed-loop process where the raw material is dissolved in a non-toxic solvent, making it low-waste and very safe. Their sustainably produced, non-toxic fabrics are naturally cooling, breathable, hypoallergenic, and antimicrobial.

4. Affordable

Their luxe bedding sets range between $144 - $500 – so much more affordable than other premium bedding brands and totally worth the investment. Especially if it means getting a restful night’s sleep.

5. Variety

No more bland shades with SIJO. Their sets are available in signature hues like fog, dove, and storm. Beyond sheets, SIJO’s luxury sleep goods include everything from comforters, to pillows, mattress pads, and beautiful loungewear.

BONUS:SIJO’s hypoallergenic collections are also resistant to mold and dust. What a terrific bedding choice for those who suffer from occasional nighttime allergy flare-ups.

Without a doubt, a good night’s sleep is heaven — especially during those warmer months. So, go SIJO today and sleep cool tomorrow!

Supreme softness and incomparable, natural coolness. Follow this link to explore the best sellers!

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